Get a Business that Hops - Start a Cricket Farm

cricket farm Nola

With spring being here and summer being just around the corner, it won’t be long before we are hearing the crazy cricket cacophony that comes with warmer weather. For many people, the sound of crickets is annoying. But what if you could make money with crickets?

I bet that got your attention. You probably never knew that you could make money off of those annoying insects, did you?

So, how do you make crickets work for you? All you have to do is start a cricket farm.

Introduction to Cricket Farming

So, let’s look at why cricket farming is so lucrative.  There are two main uses for crickets:

  • Fishing bait
  • Reptile food

Now that you know that they have a couple of good uses, what’s the bottom line? Why would you want to start a cricket farm?

  • Breeding is easy
  • They sell for as much as $12 for 250 crickets

This price may not seem like a lot, but consider this – each female can lay 5 to 10 eggs every day in her lifetime.  When you consider that crickets can live up to a year or more, it adds up.

What’s needed to begin cricket farming?

The species of cricket you’ll want to buy is a Grey Cricket, which has the scientific name of Acheta Domestica.  This cricket is very easy to raise and breed in captivity. To make things easier, you’ll also need a few supplies.

  • 2 10 gallon fish tanks with mesh lids
  • 2 small or medium containers for breeding
  • Shallow dish for food
  • Sponge or water crystal gels
  • Heat source for incubation

It’s best to start out with 24 adults and 12 teenage crickets. The screening goes on top of your container or fish tank so that your crickets will remain in it but can still breathe. The cotton, dirt, and egg cartons will create a more comfortable habitat for your crickets in their home.

How to Build Your Cricket Farm

One of the easiest ways to create your cricket farms is to use 10 gallon aquariums.  The best price I found was a 10 gallon aquarium from Fleet Farm for $12.89. That Pet Place has 10 gallon aquarium mesh lids for $7.95 each.  You will only need one aquarium at first, but you will need the other one for hatching purposes, so it’s best to get them both at once.

Where to get Crickets

You can buy your crickets from a cricket farm such as Ghanns Cricket Farm or Fluker’s Farm.  You can also buy them from your pet shop, although buying them from an established cricket farm might be best to establish yourself as a breeder.

Setting Up Your Cricket Farm

Below I have included a video which a cricket farmer has made that is excellent at demonstrating how to set up your cricket farm.

Tips for Selling Your Crickets

One thing to note about this business is, like any business, it can be hard to get yourself established right away.  Here are some tips that you will find useful:

  • Sell your crickets when they are about two weeks old if you are selling them for food. They are at their best for feeding purposes then and they are much more tender.
  • Stick with local pet shops, rather than chain stores, for selling your crickets. I called a couple of chain stores only to find out that they already had suppliers.  Small, independently owned pet stores are more likely to be willing to work with local breeders.
  • Sell your crickets to local bait shops or places that sell bait. 

Things to say to local stores to convince them to buy from you:

  •         No costs for shipping
  •         No strain put on crickets from shipping
  •         Crickets on demand

Another option for selling your crickets is to sell them on eBay.