How to Get a Diploma in Marketing

If you are business savvy and are considering a career in marketing, your first and most important step is to get your marketing degree. Professional marketers are the individuals behind the scenes who build company brands using well planned advertising strategies. Developing winning marketing plans means having the ability and insight to turn market metrics and measurements into marketing strategies. If this sounds like the career for you, here’s how you can get your diploma in marketing...

Deciding Your Path

For both professionals looking to advance their career and those just starting university, there are several ways to begin pursuing your marketing degree. Currently, trade schools such as the London School of Marketing offer both online and facility-based training. This marketing school requires the student to first secure their CIM or Introductory Certificate in Marketing from the institution. As the student progresses through the program they can secure a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. This Diploma is considered a Level 7 Marketing Certification and is recognised both nationally and internationally. Trade schools also offer degrees in specialised categories such as a diploma in digital marketing or marketing communications.

If a brick and mortar school seems the right path for you, most universities in the UK offer a degree in marketing and advertising. For example, The University of Lancaster offers facility-based training and provides graduates with a BA degree in Advertising and Marketing, BS in Marketing & Psychology, BS in Marketing & Design, and so forth. For graduates, the University of Lancaster also offers MAs and PHDs in Marketing and Marketing Science.


In order to kick start your career, you may want to consider an internship with a marketing or advertising firm in your area or even abroad, either before or right after you graduate. Though internships are not required by trade schools or universities in order for you to get your diploma, they will help you begin making connections in the field. Internships can also improve your resume and give you an in depth look at the marketers work environment, project load, and deadline management strategy. Internships can be applied for either by submitting an internship request and resume directly to an agency or company, or through the internship program at your school.


Once you choose your path toward a diploma in marketing, you should consider specialising. For example, the profession of digital marketing is exploding and the job outlook for the near future is exceptionally bright; therefore, it may be in your best interest to not only pursue a degree in marketing but to also focus your studies on the digital aspect of the industry.

Securing a diploma in marketing could lead to both a lucrative and rewarding career. For aspiring marketers, it is important to choose the right educational path to help you reach your specific career goals. Things to consider are, which path will work best for you to earn your degree, what type of special skills and training could give you an edge, and how the educational institution you choose could help you with job placement after you graduate. 


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