How to Get a Job in PR

If you clicked on this article, then it means you are interested in getting a job in PR. The role of a public relations specialist has greatly developed over the last decade, as has demand for PR professionals. But, since the industry is constantly developing and changing, it means that the way PR people are searching for and landing jobs has shifted, too.

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Unfortunately, for some and fortunately for others, you are no longer expected to submit your resume through an automated form to get the role. So, what do you have to do exactly? How can you use your PR skills to land your dream job? Here are three easy methods.

1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

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Yes, you read that right; LinkedIn again is your holy bible. With LinkedIn you can connect with ex coworkers, learn about new job openings and connect with professionals in your industry to grow your network. Apart from that, it is one of the most useful tools for companies to track down talent so, just take advantage of the platform and get yourself hired.

Make LinkedIn your first social media priority. Update your profile with a descriptive summary, experience and strengths. Create content related to your industry, whether it is about food, fashion, tech, social media, or marketing. You need to share everything with your LinkedIn community.

2. Create a Twitter List


In this day and age, more and more companies are using twitter to post their job openings. So, if you are already a devoted user of twitter then it’s a piece of cake for you, but what about those who are not so passionate with checking twitter 27/4? How can you find all these job opportunities?

Well, the secret is to organize all the twitter noise to catch up on the digital world. All you need to do us build a Twitter list containing all the important companies, organizations and people in your industry. Then, make sure to check your list at least twice a day when actively job searching and you will never have to worry about missing anything again.

3. Jump Right In

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We all have that one dream company that we’d do anything to work for, right? Did you just see an attractive job ad posted on LinkedIn? Then don’t waste time and jump right in.

Be a rebel; ignore that the job posting said to send your resume to the HR representative and just go straight to the source. If they are advertising a PR role, then it is most likely that the communications team will ultimately have the say on who gets hired. So, go on their media page website and find the contact details for the communications team and send them your best-tailored cover letter and resume. Be careful though not to spam them or annoy people too much or this could ruin your chances.

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Have you ever tried to get a job in PR? Share your experience below.