How to Get a Job in Search Marketing

While there are very few industries that have not been altered by the course of technology and innovation, it is fair to say that some have been impacted more than others.

Although many of the changes inspired by technological advancement may have been beneficial for specific markets and businesses, however, the majority have also posed huge challenges. Every innovation or development, whether it is positive or negative, forces business owners to adapt their model and create a more progressive methodology for the future.

Take the search marketing industry, for example, which has evolved considerably as a result of Google’s regular algorithm changes. While it may be argued that the prioritization of high quality and engaging content is good for both brands and consumers, however, many businesses have struggled to adapt their online marketing strategies in order to comply and avoid sanctions.

How to Get a Job in Search Marketing: 3 Actionable Steps for Job Seekers

Similarly, individuals who wish to work in the search marketing industry have also been forced to evolve and develop their skills to suit the current market. There is now also a higher level of competition in this job market, as employers have become preoccupied with the quality of their output and more likely to invest in candidates with specialist skills rather than developing a multi-faceted marketing team. But what exactly does this mean for aspiring search marketers, and how can candidates refine their skills and present their experience to claim a critical advantage? Consider the following ideas: -

1. Refine your Skill Set and Earn Relevant Qualifications

While qualifications may embellish your professional resume, they do not necessarily reflect a depth of knowledge or understanding. The relevance of your skill set is also important, especially an industry that is constantly evolving according to external trends. With this in mind, it is far better to focus on developing one or two specialist and in-demand skills rather than populating your CV with a number of out-dated qualifications. This not only displays a keen sense of focus, but it also reflects your knowledge of the industry and its growth

How does this Translate into Practical Advice?

In practical terms, there first step is to analyse the search marketing industry and the nature of current roles. With an understanding of current and future market trends, it is far easier to identify a niche and improve your appeal as a candidate. You can then look to highlight the courses and qualifications that are relevant to your choice, and begin to build a resume that helps you stand out even in a busy crowd. In general terms, there is also considerable benefit to becoming certified by Google in a host of search marketing disciplines, with the Google AdWords qualification helping to refine and modernize skills in PPC and analytics.

2. Network According to your Preferred Working Methodology

While it is common knowledge that today’s job seekers must network aggressively if they are to succeed in a competitive market, it is important to adopt a strategic approach when reaching out to potential partners. You should start this process by determining your preferred working methodology, whether this is to secure a permanent job role with a single brand, work for an agency or contract your skills as a freelancer. Each has individual merits and potential pitfalls, but your choice will have a direct impact on how and where you network. Once this is determined, you can set about networking in an efficient and ultimately productive manner.

How does this Translate into Practical Advice?

For those who wish to work full-time for a single brand, LinkedIn represents the ideal starting point. Here, you can create an online resume and connect with multiple industry experts, while also seeking out relevant groups where you can interact, comment and share your experience. While this resource can also be successfully used by freelancers and agency workers, people choosing this method of working will also need to use additional resources such as local, digital recruitment specialists and online services such as Elance and People per Hour. The latter websites present a platform from which you can market yourself and network as an individual, as you create a portfolio of work and develop a reputation among employers.

3. Create a Permanent and Visible Online Presence

The purpose of search marketing is to increase the online visibility of a branded website; and you can apply the same principle to market yourself as a candidate for work. So in addition to being proactive and strategic in your approach when networking, you should also strive to create a permanent online presence that is generating interest even when you are offline. To achieve this, you should create an integrated online presence that incorporates multiple platforms and consistently share this through your social media profiles.

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How does this Translate into Practical Advice?

In practical terms, you should look to develop your online profile using LinkedIn as a foundation. Utilising prominent resources such as About.Me, VisualCV and, you can begin to lay the building blocks of an increasingly visible and robust online resume, which includes images and video content alongside text. You can also use relatively new tools such as or a customised WordPress template to create a personal website and include this as part of your electronic contact details or email signature. On a final note, it is important to make sure that each individual online profile is consistent, and reflects the unique skill set and experience that distinguishes you from rival candidates.

The Last Word

While the pages of the Internet are littered with generic advice on how to succeed as a job seeker, few offer actionable advice for breaking into specific markets. It is crucial that you are able to translate information into a viable strategy for finding work, however, especially when you look to make it in a constantly evolving industry such as search marketing. Without this, you may find yourself lost for words among a vast crowd of similarly qualified and equally subdued candidates.

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