How to Get a Job with Dodge

Dodge is an American brand of cars produced by FCA US LLC (formerly Chrysler Group LLC). You probably love their cars and wonder how you could get a job with them. Visit their website and look for posted opportunities. The steps in their hiring process involve applying for a job and undertaking a drug and physical test before receiving a response. Below is the online process of how to get a job with Dodge.

1. Create an Account

Before applying for a job via Chrysler’s career page, you will need to create an account on the site. During registration, you are required to provide your email address and set a password that you’ll use to access your account. Chrysler will send notifications to your email when Dodge jobs that match your skills and interests are posted. Chrysler will continue sending new job posting information to your email even after you have landed a job.

2. Provide Basic Information

Upon completion of setting up an account, you will be directed to a page to fill your personal details. Basic information such as phone number, full name, physical and postal address are required. Next you have to upload your resume and cover letter. Chrysler hiring site often discards generic resumes and cover letters. Ensure you customize your resume and cover letter for the Dodge position that you are seeking.

3. Answer a Questionnaire

With your resume and personal information entered, the next step is taking a brief questionnaire. The questionnaire contains simple questions that you should answer without any problems. Some sample questions include your interest in the position, what you are looking for in your next position, which type of environment you thrive in and the attributes that make you the perfect candidate for the job. Be keen when reading and answering the questions. Make sure you answer correctly and truthfully.

4. Physical Check-up and Drug Test

Chrysler will require your consent to a pre-employment physical and drug test. Your probability of getting an employment opportunity relies on passing both tests. The website will instruct you on where to take the tests. You will be given a specific number of days to complete the tests. After passing both tests, you will receive an email notification. The response time is unspecified.

5. Interview and Orientation

If the position is available and you have passed both tests, then you will be notified of the arrangements made for your interview. The hiring manager at Dodge will be responsible for the interview and the decision of hiring you. After a successful interview, you will report for job orientation and then you will begin training at your new job. The details will be communicated via email or a phone call.

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There are other points to note when applying for a job with Dodge. Employment may depend on the location, the application is only done online, and it is important to visit the area where you plan to work. Dodge Automobile Company looks for employees with a desire to succeed. You have to be on the lookout for any vacancies and opportunities matching your skills. Keep in mind that you could also start as an intern and work your way up to the top, this is also a smart way of getting hired.

Do you work for Dodge or have you in the past? Let us know about your experience in the comment box below.