How to Get a Job with National Grid Plc

For those with the skills needed to work in the oil and gas industry, National Grid PLC offers an excellent opportunity for employment. The company has many positions available around the United Kingdom, and its reputation for being a top-rated employer makes it an ideal place to work.

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Before you apply for a job with National Grid PLC, here’s what you need to know:

1. About National Grid PLC

National Grid PLC is a British multinational gas and electricity utility company. With headquarters in London and activities primarily around the United Kingdom and the Northeastern United States, there are many excellent job opportunities for both UK and U.S. residents.

According to the National Grid website, "We are at the heart of one of the greatest challenges facing our society– delivering clean energy to support our world long into the future. We work with all our stakeholders to promote the development and implementation of sustainable, innovative and affordable energy solutions."

2. Your Professional Career at National Grid PLC

According to reviews posted on Indeed and Glassdoor, National Grid PLC is a great place to work. Some of the positive features cited include:

  • Excellent benefits
  • A good work-life balance
  • Union membership and fair pay
  • Above-average compensation plan
  • Good work schedule
  • Good locations

All in all, it’s a good place to develop a long-term career.

3. Available Positions at National Grid PLC

National Grid PLC is an energy and utilities company, with employment opportunities in a wide range of industries and sectors. Some of the available positions include:

  • Engineering
  • Data/Market/Finance Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Communications
  • IT/Tech
  • Human Resources
  • Quality Control

You can find a comprehensive list of job openings via the National Grid jobs website.

4. Employee Benefits at National Grid PLC

National Grid PLC, according to its employees, offers a highly competitive salary. Many of the positions also include a company vehicle, particularly for those who need to travel around the country inspecting, designing, and maintaining the energy grid.

In many locations- particularly the corporate offices- the company provides:

  • Medical, dental, vision, and overall health coverage
  • Flexible schedule/work hours
  • Telecommute opportunities
  • Retirement benefits

The working environment has also been praised, and the majority of employees are happy with the work-life balance. The management system includes team discussions; helping people to feel satisfied that they are included in the operations of the company.

5. How to Secure Employment

Students can apply to the Student and Graduate Development Programmes, which provide hands-on training and experience in a wide range of sectors (including engineering, management, IT, analysis, finance, and procurement). Once the students graduate, those who have participated in these internships/programmes are often offered positions at National Grid PLC.

For those who want to start earning hands-on experience in the field of engineering, National Grid PLC offers Advanced Apprenticeship Programmes. These apprenticeships involve real-life responsibilities, and help to develop the skills needed to be a professional, operating under the guidelines of National Grid PLC.

Professionals can use the Job Search tool to find the position that suits them best. Once they find the position, it’s easy to apply! Simply create an account with National Grid PLC, and use it to send out your resume/CV, and information. The job application process is quick and easy, and the job postings come with all the information you’ll need: salary, location, experience needed, and responsibilities.

job search
job search

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If your goal is to get ahead in the energy sector, you’ll find that National Grid PLC is an excellent opportunity. As one of the highest-rated companies in the industry, it’s a place for employees who want to work in a happy, productive environment!

Are you currently working at National Grid PLC? What is your experience with the company? Let us know in the comments section below.




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