How to Get an Internship as an Auto Engineer

How to Get an Internship as an Auto Engineer

Internship jobs are also known as work experience or work placements. According to the UK’s government employment guidelines, your rights as an intern depend on whether the company you’re working for classify you under employee, worker or volunteer brackets. As an auto engineer intern you can therefore receive various employment benefits or none at all depending on the policies of the company you choose to work for. Pay isn’t as important as experience when it comes to internships in any field, auto engineering included. Knowledge of how to land an auto engineering internship job with favorable benefits can nevertheless be priceless.

Expand your Expertise

Take on auto engineering courses with wide ranging subjects to make your candidature more appealing. Combine fields of studies that are greatly sought after in contemporary auto mechanics such as Mechatronics, Robotics, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Consider non-technical academic areas such as Human Resource Management, Marketing and Accounts to make you even more marketable.

Keep the Right Company

Hang around people who are passionate about automobiles by attending auto shows with an aim of making new friends. Dish out your business cards and pay attention to other people’s ideas in auto engineering as you try to establish whether they own or know of someone who owns a certified auto engineering outfit. Contact big motor companies via phone or e-mail to know when, where and how their next intake of auto engineering interns will take place. Watch out for internship job adverts in auto magazines, websites and blogs. Become a member of a well-established online auto engineering forum since forums are sources of helpful information from people with similar career prospects or interests.

Display Innovation and Inventiveness

Write a descriptive personal testimony outlining your participation in various auto-tech-oriented symposiums or exhibitions. Use the interview platform to further demonstrate your innovative qualities by elaborating your answers using relevant past, present and futuristic auto industry trends. Bring up experiences from the Mustangs days, for instance, and talk of hydrogen powered cars, lag-less turbo or airless tires. Create a CV and business cards or letterheads that demonstrate your passion for the auto industry. Have a scrap book containing automotive articles that you may have published in established auto magazines, newspapers or blogs. This makes you appear like a rising star to keep an eye on in the world auto engineering.

Lean about the Organization

Capture the interview panel’s attention by showing them how much you know about the organization you’re seeking to be a part of. Drop in names of the directors and their achievements in your answers for example. Avoid radical statements which may make you appear as a racist or a fixed minded person when discussing personalities as the interviewers may disqualify you on these grounds.

Practice determination, endurance and persistence in your search for internship opportunities in automotive engineering. Take on the job as an integral part of your professional life since it’s a window of learning that’s full of fun and challenges which are likely to mold you into one of the world’s renowned auto engineers today, and tomorrow.


Image Source: Koenigsegg