How to Get an Internship at Cisco

Today, Cisco is still considered one of the biggest pioneers of Internet connectivity and works on the motto of connecting the unconnected. The company’s goal is to innovate customers’ businesses all over the world and to become the No. 1 Internet Technology firm.

For those who are interested in obtaining an internship at Cisco, the company does maintain an extensive webpage [302 from] to outline what it’s looking for. On its web portal, users can search by specific job titles, job category, job type and location. By clicking the underlined link of any title that interests you, you will be able to see the entire job description and can also apply for that particular position.  

There are several types of internships available at Cisco for a wide variety of positions in an array of fields, such as hardware and software engineering, IT, marketing, supply chain operations and sales. As the webpage entails, there is an entire list of internship opportunities. 

Since there are several types of positions available, the job requirement for each type differs according to the job description. For example, if you’re a software engineer, Cisco requires that you be enrolled in a cooperative education program at Bachelor’s level in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or related majors and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Keep in mind that the educational requirement could go up to even a PhD depending on the position and its requirements.

For hardware engineers, Cisco requires interns to be enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program in Electrical/Computer Engineering or related majors such as mathematics and physics. Mechanical Engineering or a Physics degree is required for a Hardware-Mechanical and Thermal Design position and with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Hardware engineer interns are expected to spend ten to twelve weeks on projects that are important for Cisco. 

The engineering internship program is especially designed to help the intern gain experience and exposure. Cisco’s engineering internship program also serves as the primary pipeline for filling full time positions at Cisco.   

Overall, if you’re looking to get an internship at Cisco, you must have strong knowledge about computers and networking and should be willing to take your knowledge to the next level and apply it practically at the very core of hardware technology.  

Internships are open for citizens, permanent residents, temporary residents that have gone through the legalization programs and refugees, but, candidates must meet the basic educational requirements. They should also have a strong understanding of engineering fundamentals, be self-motivated and ambitious and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. 

Internship positions are available across multiple locations, including the United States, Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Israel. If there is no vacancy in your location of choice, the possibility of relocation is also a consideration for certain positions.

Cisco remains one of the most important multi-national corporations as it generates close to $50 billion in revenues each year and maintains a global workforce of approximately 74,000 employees. As the company continues to make long-term investments, the brand will stay as a well-known fixture in the field of technology.


Image source: WikiMedia