How to Get an Internship at the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail recruits about twenty interns annually with two intakes in September and February. Each intern undergoes rigorous training working under some of the leading journalists in the world. An internship with the Daily mail offers practical experience that gives you an edge when looking for a job as it is an extremely reputable publication with a global audience.

Here are some tips to help you get an internship at the Daily Mail:

Knowledge of current affairs

Read local and international dailies to keep up with the current affairs both locally and internationally, and subscribe to news alert services to get news as it breaks. During the intake, interviewers will test your knowledge on currents affairs. This knowledge will also be put to the test repeatedly once you start your internship. Your knowledge on current affairs also helps you pitch stories to your editor daily. Additionally, study different methods successful journalists and media personalities use to cover their stories to widen your knowledge on different angles you can use to approach a story.

Ask questions

The Daily Mail’s internship program seeks to train the next generation of journalists. One trait they look for is a curious mind. Ask as many questions as you can and ask for help whenever possible. Do not act on ignorance or assumptions, always find someone to help you. Asking questions is important in learning company operations and developing relationships. Questions also help broaden your knowledge and help improve your communication skills as your career will involve asking questions, even in uncomfortable situations.

Formal training

Applicants with formal training in journalism have an advantage during the recruitment process and have an easier time adapting once they start working. You can improve your chances by enrolling in a journalism program for your undergraduate degree. Alternatively, you can pursue journalism courses in your post graduate program or enroll for a fast-track course in journalism. Attending workshops and short-term training programs will also boost your resume and increase your chances of getting an internship.


Your internship at the daily mail will involve interacting with people from all walks of life. Practice proper communication skills and relate with people at a personal level so they can open up to you. Learn to listen attentively and ask leading questions. For example, ask, ‘describe the accident scene’, as opposed to, ‘how many people were in the oncoming car?’ your personality will play a role in your success as a journalist. Study the lives of successful media personalities and try to emulate their positive traits. Alternatively, enroll for personality development classes and work on areas you need to improve.

Attention to detail

Learn to pay attention to detail. Arrive early, dress appropriately, prepare your resume to look stunning and learn as much as you can about the Daily Mail before the interview. Such details may help you outshine fellow interviewees and work in your favour. You can also practice to hone your skills by listening keenly, looking carefully and reading between the lines. A good journalist looks at the story, listens to different opinions, relates it to previous events and creates an angle that reveals the truth objectively.

Have you, or someone you know, enrolled for an internship with the Daily Mail before? If so, let us know by leaving your comments in the box below.


Image source: Standard