How to Get an Internship with Adobe

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Getting an internship at Adobe is a great way for computer programmers to get a head start on their career. Some of the words employees of Adobe have described their employment as are—inspiring, empowering, rewarding and fun. Earning a college degree is only one aspect of preparing for your professional future. As a new college graduate, having internship experience on your resume is a benefit to prospective employers. You’ve gained valuable work experience developing skills which makes you more marketable as an employee. Internships also provide you with a chance to expand your professional network with new contacts who can give you references, guidance and new job opportunities. This article will discuss the steps that will help you get an internship with Adobe.

1. Do your homework first

Before you apply to get an internship, you need to first ascertain whether or not you meet the requirements. Adobe requires that all interns are actively pursuing a degree at an accredited college. A second requirement is that prospective interns must demonstrate impressive academic achievement. Prospective interns must also be able to legally work in the US and remain on track to graduate within a four year period of time. In the MBA program, Adobe offers internships in product marketing and product management in a variety of great locations. For the MBA program, Adobe management prefers interns with a tech degree and functional experience in the software industry. 

2. Register online

If you qualify for an internship with Adobe, the next step is to visit their website and register online. You can view the various internships that are available and which mesh with your current skill set and career goals. The Adobe website also has a feature where prospects can create an online profile to help you ascertain which internship is best for you.

3. Submit your CV

After you have created your Adobe Career Opportunities Account, you can upload your resume and complete building your profile. This is also where you can set your specific preferences so that you will be notified when any internship matching your skillset becomes available. They have a search function for finding positions in specific locations. Adobe prefers that all resumes are submitted in PDF format. It would behoove you to submit a PDF file since Adobe distributes Acrobat software to create that file format. Sending your resume in a Word file would be utilising a competitor’s software. When submitting your resume, identify the specific internship position that you are applying for. Specify why you think this position meshes with your career goals. Showcase your previous work experience, along with a short description about your personal interests which are outside your career. It is important to show that you are a well-rounded individual with strong career-minded goals. Stick to the generally accepted professional looking Times new Roman 12 point font. Your resume should not be longer than 1 – 2 pages. You need to stand out from the crowd and make a good first impression even on paper with your resume and cover letter. During the interview process, you’ll have an opportunity to elaborate and showcase your personality in a professional manner.

4. Attend a recruiting event

Check into any Adobe recruiting events which are being held at your college campus or another local one. Having the opportunity to meet with Adobe recruiters provides you with a chance to make a good impression and ask the right questions. This will improve your selection chances. Person to person contact works well to your benefit in giving you a slight edge above the competition during the intern selection procedure. You can check out the following link to view the Adobe University Recruiting Calendar.

Applying for an internship at Adobe is a simple task if you follow some clear and concise procedures. Who wouldn’t want to gain valuable experience from a company considered to offer an inspiring, empowering, rewarding and fun workplace atmosphere. Your journey will begin by ascertaining whether or not you meet the requirements of the internship position. Registering online and submitting your resume is a user-friendly process. Attending an Adobe recruitment event will be toward your benefit for developing new contacts.