How to Get an Internship with American Express

How to Get an Internship with American Express

American Express offers a summer internship program for undergraduates with excellent performance, as well as advanced degree students. It allows students to get hands-on experience in the world of finance and banking, and provides them with time working alongside the executives and senior leaders of the company.

Some of the internship positions available include:

  • Client Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Pricing
  • Risk
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • and more…

Both undergraduate and graduate programs last for 10 to 12 weeks, and they take place either in the New York, Phoenix, or Fort Lauderdale offices. The interns are put to work handling important projects, attend lectures, seminars, and participate in a wide range of professional activities. The undergrad program is meant to find the best analysts for AmEx, while the graduate programs are aimed at finding managers.

Who Can Apply?

Many students can apply for the internship, but only a few are accepted. Those eligible to apply must have:

  • A degree class of 2:1, also known as an upper second-class honors degree.
  • A minimum of 320 UCAS points

Only those who meet the requirements above can apply.

How to Apply

Interestingly enough, students cannot apply online via the American Express website. American Express is extremely choosy about the students that it hires for the summer internship program, so it's actually quite difficult to get into the program.

American Express goes around to nearly 20 schools around the country, giving presentations and handing out applications. Only students attending these schools will be able to apply for the internships, and only if they meet the eligibility requirements above.

Here is a list of the schools AmEx recruiters visit…

The recruitment process begins at the beginning of October, and it lasts all the way until the middle of February. Most of the recruiters visit the colleges during October and November, though there are a few visits in early December.

Both public and private university students can sign up for the summer internship, as AmEx visits state universities (Arizona State, Georgia Tech, U of A, and others) as well as private universities (Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, etc.).

The recruiters will speak with the highest achieving students working towards their Master’s Degree in Business Administration, trying to encourage them to sign up for the internship. At the end of their presentation, the AmEx recruiters will hand out application forms, which the students will need to fill out and return to the recruiters in order to apply for the summer internship.

A resume and a cover letter will also be required, providing the AmEx recruiters with information on job experience and work history. The recruiters will look over all of the applications and select the students that they feel will be best suited for the various internships available over summer.

You can find out more information on the American Express Internships by visiting their website. AmEx offers details and a list of available positions at the company.