How to Get an Internship with Capital One

How to Get an Internship with Capital One

Capital One has a history of innovation as it grew from a small bank division to their current status as a world-class Fortune 500 company. Richard D. Fairbank is the founder and CEO of Capital One. Their corporate office is located in McLean, VA. They offer a wide array of financial products and services to consumers, small business owners and commercial clients. In 1988, Mr. Fairbank founded the company “based on his belief that the power of information, technology, testing and great people could be combined to bring highly customized financial products directly to consumers.” In the ensuing years, Capital One has become one of America’s largest consumer franchises. They have over 45 million customer accounts and they have national brand recognition. The company has over 1,000 branches with locations primarily in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

The Benefits of Completing an Internship at Capital One

The Capital One Campus Recruiting Intern Program has created a video with intern testimonies. The following is a listing of what some of the interns enjoyed most about their internship experience at Capital One.

1. No busy work is given

2. Welcomed into the team

3. Fun working environment

4. Real-world business environment

5. Tasked with a project the 1st week

How to Apply for an Internship at Capital One

Interns need to meet certain requirements in order to apply for an internship position. Some of those requirements include: student or a graduate of an accredited college or universityclear demonstration of academic achievementsexcellent team building skills, and a drive to succeed. If you are interested in applying for an internship, visit their website to apply here.

Types of Internship Programs Available at Capital One

Interns at Capital One have the opportunity to work with “the best and brightest in a collaborative, team-oriented environment.” Interns are valued team members and will be able to interact with business leaders in a fast-paced setting. Interns also can expect to receive unparalleled real-world work experience to cultivate their professional career success. The intern programs offer the following professional growth experience.

  • Training/Development – hone analytical and technical skills with Capital One University
  • Executive Speakers – senior executives host regular workshops on timely topics
  • Networking/Teambuilding – participate in social events to cultivate networking skills
  • Project Presentations – create a final presentation with skills and experiences learned

1. Analyst Internship Program (Business, Data & Operations Analysts; Statisticians)

  • Cultivate analytical tools and processes to improve performance
  • Investigate marketing venues and discover new business opportunities
  • Create experiments, evaluate outcomes and provide recommendations

2. Audit Internship Program

  • Pursue an understanding of the business, tactics, procedures, systems and risks
  • Review controls implemented by the management for mitigating risks
  • Check management’s controls and discuss observations with management
  • Ascertain areas for collaboration with other auditors to measure business issues

3.  Brand Internship Program

  • Promote Capital One’s brand as well as the beneficial customer experience
  • Develop ideas that drive strategy approach and present results to management
  • Cultivate innovation in the design and implementation of creative marketing materials

4. Finance Internship Program

  • Formulate financial forecasts in regard to product evolution and strategy decisions
  • Develop reports and analysis which provide insight into current business trends
  • Participate in the external financial reporting process for review by management
  • Assist leaders in the Business Line Finance, Corporate Planning and Accounting

5. IT Internship Program

  • Contribute to the development, planning and coding of new systems or modules
  • Trouble-shoot and fix issues occurring within the existing platforms
  • Assist with the development, analysis and support of the enterprise platforms
  • Create and develop steady, scalable and sustainable systems and solutions

6. Project Manager Internship Program

  • Generate and manage project schedules and monitor parameters and budget
  • Receive hands-on experience in a team environment building communication skills
  • Develop a project or program with the oversight of project managers and associates

Capital One is a great company to work for as an intern since you will gain invaluable skills which will help in advancing your professional work experience. Career opportunities are also available for candidates who have completed a successful internship and have showcased excellent skills in the workplace environment.


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