How to Get an Internship with CarMax

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When you start the process of applying for an internship, what do you look for in regard to the company? You might seek out a company that has a fun workplace atmosphere. Maybe a company with a strong business track record is what you’re looking for. Regardless of the internship that you apply for, you need to find a company to intern at that meshes with your own expectations in order to be successful in completing the program. CarMax has a philosophy of “respect, giving back to communities and delivering on their promises.” Management at the company emphasizes the development of integrity as well as committing to care for their customers, employees and management first. If this sounds like a company you would like to intern for, check out the application process discussed below.

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1. A Company of Excellence

CarMax is a Fortune 500 company and the management works hard to continue to develop all aspects of the business towards cultivating excellence. Every year since 2004, CarMax has been named one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For”. Additionally, they have been named one of Training magazines “Top 125 Companies.” With consistent awards, CarMax may be the next company you want to intern for. The company focuses on maintaining the following values: customer focus, teamwork, diversity, respect, quality, pride, continuous improvement, associate development and fun. The team dynamics at the company revolve around continually celebrating workplace performance together as a cohesive unit. They promote the following: family days, associate recognition meetings, store celebrations and fun days. The company also believes in giving back to the community through their CarMax Foundation.

2. College Recruiting Process

CarMax has two separate recruiting processes—one for college students and one for trade school students. With regard to the college recruiting process, CarMax seeks out the best and brightest students from around the US. The internship process develops interns in the following ways:

  • Responsibility – The program helps interns to take responsibility for their future career.
  • Skillset – Interns will further develop skills necessary to make them successful at work.
  • Potential – Management seeks to develop interns’ potential as prospective employees.

Interning at CarMax can become a defining step that further develops your future career. Currently, they have internship opportunities in Richmond, VA in their Home Office Strategy & Analysis and Information Technology departments. Additionally, they have opportunities in Atlanta, GA in the Auto Finance Strategy & Analysis and Team Management Training departments. At this time, there are no on-campus recruiting events scheduled. However, you can still apply online for available internships.

3. Trade School Recruiting Process

With regard to trade school recruiting, CarMax is seeking to find students interested in further developing a technical automotive service career. Management values the specialty talent that they find in trade school recruits. They offer an internship program that enables these individuals to successfully transition into productive employment in the automotive industry. There are employment opportunities in the CarMax Service Operations team for interns recruited from trade schools. Interns will develop as professionals in the following areas:

  • Skillset – Interns develop automotive technical skills that positively impact their careers.
  • Ethics – Management cultivates in interns a mindset of developing honest work ethics.
  • Teamwork – Interns have the opportunity to cultivate team building skillsets at work.
  • Customer Service – Knowledge of effective customer service skills are taught to interns.

There are a variety of internship (apprentice) opportunities for auto technicians in CarMax facilities across the US. They offer interns a state-of-the-art workplace environment, along with innovative training and development opportunities. Trade school interns will receive the following recruitment incentives: sign-on bonus, tuition reimbursement, temporary housing and apprentice technician tool purchase program. You need to be aware that you will only receive these incentive bonuses if you join the internship program through one of the recruitment events. For more information regarding on-campus recruitment events, review this trade school campus recruiting listing. You can also apply online for the technical internship program.


Applying for an internship at CarMax is a very user-friendly process. If you have ever interned at CarMax and experienced the positive and fun workplace environment, please feel free to share your comments below.