How to Get an Internship With Facebook

Facebook is a company known for offering high-quality internships. Getting an internship with a major corporation like Facebook is an ideal way to boost your future job application. But the process of getting an internship in the first place is arduous to say the least. Facebook only want the very best. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you should go about getting an internship with Facebook.

What Internship Do You Want?

There are so many internships on offer that we couldn’t possibly list them all here. In short, there are over thirty of them. To start with, you should visit Facebook’s website and read through the requirements for each internship program. What you should remember is that a lot of them demand that you take specific courses. It’s not enough to simply have an education in a single subject.

Let’s take a look at some of the potential areas you can find an internship in:

  •  Software development, including development of new apps.
  •  Hardware maintenance and development. This is the back-end of Facebook, such as the core servers that host the whole thing.
  •  Management. Every corporation needs someone who can effectively manage their staff. There are management programs in a number of areas.
  •  Marketing. The business side of Facebook is just as important to the future of the company as the actual user experience itself. Learn how to market as part of a technology company.

Take note that this isn’t a normal internship. You won’t be competing against people who’re fresh out of high school or college. You’ll also have to contend with people who have had previous careers. Facebook understands people young and old will apply for their internships.

References in Order

You need to make sure you have a number of references from an independent third-party. That means friends and family are out. All your references must come either from a professor in school or from one of your previous places of work.

It’s not always necessary to have a strong background in your chosen internship area. Facebook gets that you may have decided to change career. What they will still demand is that you meet the educational requirements listed on the website, though.

Try to get three references. This will ensure that the person reading your application has a range of opinions to build up an image of you. They can come from co-workers or managers. All Facebook wants to see is that you provide a positive contribution in the workplace.

The Application

Your CV is the heart of your internship application. There are hidden clues as to what each internship program is looking for in its description. Make sure you have access to the description of the program you’re applying for when you write your application. You will see what skills they want and what type of person suits this role.

It’s always best to have a personalised application, rather than to use any form of CV builder. This offers a more personal touch that a lot of hiring managers recognise. Remember, the CV isn’t there to tick a few boxes. It’s there to give the reader an image of who you are and what you can bring to the company during your stay.

Success and Failure

Finally, remember that if you aren’t immediately successful for a Facebook internship you can apply again during the next cycle. It’s also wise to apply for more than one internship program to give yourself the best chance of success.

Many applicants will also not set their hearts on Facebook. They understand there are other companies, like Google, that can offer similar programs.


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