How to Get an Internship with General Mills

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When you are seeking an internship, one of the main factors to consider is the stability of the company. General Mills is a leading American manufacturer of consumer foods which are sold throughout retail stores in a multinational market. The company is well-known and would be a good fit for interns seeking an internship within a larger corporate setting, such as in their main headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. They produce and market a wide variety of well-known brands such as Betty Crocker, Green Giant, Cheerios and Lucky Charms. This article will share several factors about completing an internship at General Mills and how interested candidates can secure a position in their program.

1. Company Mission

In line with seeking an internship at a stable company, you can be assured that General Mills is a great choice. The company has a long 150 year history of “nourishing lives and making them healthier, easier and richer.” Their company mission stems from their early days when they produced flour in America’s heartland, helping to feed the ever-expanding nation. Interns will learn that the company mission has expanded to making more “convenient, ready-to-eat” breakfast cereals that provide a simple, quick and healthy way to start your day. General Mills has a global perspective and they provide nourishing products to over 100 countries globally. They want to continue to follow their mission of nourishing lives.

2. Benefits of an Internship

Understanding the benefits of an internship is always important when making a decision on where to intern. You want to make sure that you find a company internship program that matches up with your career goals and aspirations. Participating in a collaborative team environment, while positively impacting your future career is one of the perks of completing an internship at the company. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to work in an innovative workplace environment and succeed in accomplishing goals. General Mills offers a wide variety of benefits that will positively impact your future professional career.

  • Atmosphere – The positive workplace atmosphere encourages team members to collaborate and work together to accomplish projects and maintain productivity.
  • Development – All interns will be provided opportunities to complete real life workplace projects that offer the chance for personal development and growth.
  • Mentorship – Guidance is given to all interns through a variety of interactive activities with key senior leaders during the completion of various workplace projects.
  • Networking – The workplace atmosphere and internship program provides interns with the opportunity to build their professional network for future career development.

3. Internship Program Details

In addition to understanding the benefits, you need to ascertain the specific program details before applying for an internship. For example, the timeline for the program may not match up with your educational schedule. The company may not offer internships in the departments that you want to learn from. With regard to General Mills, the company offers internship opportunities in all departments. You can work as an intern in brand marketing, sales, finance, engineering, human resources, logistics or manufacturing. You should expect the internship program to last for a duration of 10 – 12 weeks during the months of May through August. When you are planning where to apply, keep in mind that the recruiting managers for the internship program begin their recruitment activities during the fall prior to the next internship term.

4. Recruitment Process

Do you consider yourself one of the “best and brightest”? If so, you would be a perfect fit for the internship program at General Mills. Their recruitment managers actively recruit in all areas of the US while searching for top talent to join their internship team. You can complete an internship in one of their many field offices and factories across the US, as well as in their corporate headquarters. The recruiters visit a variety of college and university campuses during the recruitment process each year. Additionally, they hold several national conferences during the year where interested candidates can meet with recruiters to find out more information on the program. So, you will have a variety of opportunities to meet with the recruiters before applying.

5. How to Apply for an Internship

You will find that the application process for the internship program is user-friendly. Visit the company website to complete a profile and apply for an internship. You have the option to create a profile, or upload a resume file through the website or onto their Google Drive or Dropbox folders. During the online application process, you will be asked to input general contact information, as well detail your professional interests. 

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Deciding where to complete an internship is one of the most important first steps in advancing your future career. Completing an internship at General Mills will offer you the chance to gain invaluable workplace experience. You will also secure an opportunity to grow and develop as a professional. If you have ever interned at General Mills, please feel free to share your thoughts on your experience interning there.