How to Get an Internship with Hitachi Data Systems

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Hitachi Data Systems, is owned by the Hitachi Group, a Japanese conglomerate. HDS provides modular storage systems, services, and software. Its main service is providing information storage and virtualization systems to companies and corporations, and it is one of the top companies in the industry.

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If you want to advance your career, it’s a good idea to get an internship at Hitachi Data Systems. The internship offers a lot of hands-on experience and real life training, with the chance of getting a job once you graduate from college.

Here’s how to get the internship with HDS:

1. About The Hitachi Data Systems Internship

The HDS internship is ideal for those who want to learn the basics of information storage and virtualization in a real-life environment. Interns work alongside engineers and technicians, and they acquire the skills needed to become experts in their field.

Hitachi offers a summer internship program for students enrolled in technical colleges and universities.

The application period runs from June 1 to the 26, and the internship itself runs from late July to the first two or three weeks of September. 

Who is eligible?

  • Systems engineers
  • Computer science majors
  • Business majors
  • IT solutions students

2. What's The Internship Like?

Hitachi has a promo video about their internships, and comments from the interns in the video include:

  • A great work environment
  • Excellent support from employees
  • Valuable training
  • People willing to help
  • Open, friendly employees
  • Wide range of job opportunities

Just remember, this is a promo video, so take the comments with a grain of salt!

According to Glassdoor, interns can get paid up to $20 per hour!

Glassdoor also has a lot of reviews on Hitachi Data Systems, and most of them are positive:

  • Great work atmosphere
  • Helpful colleagues
  • Excellent benefits

All in all, HDS seems like a great place to work!

3. How to Apply for The Internship

To find the internship positions at Hitachi Data Systems, visit the corporate website at There, navigate to the Careers page.

This is where things get a bit tricky. To look at all the jobs available, there is a tab labeled "All Jobs". That will reveal a list of nearly 200 jobs, but you don’t want to navigate through them all.

Instead, click on the "Job Search" tab, scroll down to the "Job Field" section, and click the drop-down menu to search for "Intern". There, you will find all the internship positions available at HDS.

Click on the job position that suits you, and you’ll be taken to the job listing. There you’ll find the details, qualifications required, benefits, etc.

At the bottom, click on "Apply Online". You’ll need to create an account (the work of a few minutes), attach your resume or CV, and send off the application.

4. After The Application

A few people left reviews on Glassdoor about the hiring process:

Once the application has been sent, you’ll get an email--usually within a week or so. The hiring manager will ask a few questions about yourself (work experience, personality, etc.). That information will be passed on to the hiring manager.

You may also be contacted by phone for an interview. The interview will be fairly informal and short, but is an important part of the hiring process.

If you are right for the job, you’ll be called in to the office for a face-to-face meeting. This usually takes place two to three weeks after the application is sent.

If you are accepted for the position, you will receive a packet of forms roughly two weeks after your face-to-face interview. 

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The Hitachi Data Systems internship is a good opportunity, so it’s worth going about the application process the right way. Thanks to the information above, you know everything you need, in order to submit your resume and apply for the internship.

Would you apply for an internship with Hitachi Data Systems? Let us know in the comments section below.