How to Get an Internship with Intel

Founded in 1968, Intel is a technology company and world leader in such products and initiatives that have cultivated advancements which have changed the way people work and live. Intel produced the first microprocessor in 1971. Their mission statement is as follows: This decade we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth. They offer internship opportunities for graduates in the following majors: engineeringscience, and business. This article will discuss how to get an internship with Intel.   

About Internships at Intel

If you are seeking a challenging learning environment, then an internship with Intel should be one you consider applying for. Completing an internship with this company can provide an opportunity for students to take their academic learning to a higher level. Anyone can receive computer basics in the classroom environment. However, completing an internship at Intel will provide real world experience to interns. Projects that interns are assigned will utilize students’ current educational and skillset level and assist in taking them to the next level in their careers. If you are an intelligent and skilled graduate who is interested in working on projects with experienced professionals, then you may be a fit for an internship with Intel. You won’t have to spend your internship with busy work like filing and making coffee. Your time will be well spent with professional skill-building tasks.

Qualifications for an Internship at Intel

If you are seeking an internship at Intel, there are certain qualifications you need to meet. The following is a listing of those qualifications.

  • Capable student who is currently enrolled in a bachelor, master or doctoral program
  • Students who are majoring in engineering, science or business related fields
  • Students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher (based on a 4.0 scale)
  • Skilled student who has exceptional communication as well as interpersonal skills
  • Students with prior internship or work experience, as well as leadership and team building skills
  • Students who show flexibility and versatility and can quickly acclimate to all types of situations
  • Student must be authorized to work in the US without any restrictions (more details on website)

Locations for Internship Positions at Intel

Intel has internships in various cities in the US like Columbia, SC; Folsom, CA; Austin, TX and Fort Collins, CO to name a few. They also have internship positions available in various countries around the world like South Africa, China, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates as well as many others. This link has more information on the internships available through Intel.

Benefits of an Internship with Intel

Interns who receive an internship at Intel receive a great benefits package. The following is a listing of those benefits that interns can expect to receive.

  • Real-world experience, as interns get to work with cutting-edge technology
  • Interns are considered part of the team and receive a competitive salary
  • Networking opportunity for interns to connect with company managers and executives
  • Interns receive vacation and holiday time as well as earned credits toward sabbaticals
  • Opportunity to access Intel University which provides classes cultivating personal and professional growth
  • Relocation assistance is provided for interns seeking to work in new locations
  • Opportunity to be considered for full-time employment after an intern graduates

How to Apply for an Internship with Intel

Applying for an internship at Intel is a simple process and you can begin to get more information at the website about current opportunities for engineering, science and business positions. After you ascertain the internship position you are interested in, click on “Apply for Job”. Applicants register online as a “new candidate” and then later login as a “returning user”. Candidates can then upload their resume to the database. There are then several questions that applicants need to answer about their background and interests. In the objective on your resume, state that you are interested in an internship. Intel internship applications are accepted all year long. If you meet the education and experience qualifications, you will be contacted by Intel via email.   

Applying for an internship at Intel can become a very beneficial move for your future professional career. Such an internship would be paid and provide you with work experience that can take your academic learning to the next level. The application process is simple just by following the steps laid out in this article.

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