How to Get an Internship with ITV

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Founded in 1955, ITV is a commercial TV network located in the UK. The network was launched under the patronage of the Independent Television Authority with the idea of bringing competition to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). ITV is the oldest commercial network that is located in the United Kingdom. Adam Crozier is the current CEO and manages a strong leadership team with a drive to succeed and grow the company as technology advances. This article will address how to get an internship with ITV.

ITV Hiring Philosophy

The ITV network is a member of the Creative Diversity Network (CDN) and their CEO is the chair of that organization. Involvement in the CDN is based upon their philosophy of being focused on diversity in their hiring and employment practices. Being open to diversity expands the company’s ability to find creative and varied talent among employee prospects. ITV holds a Two-Tick Disability symbol. Accordingly, they are recognized in their efforts to support and retain individuals with disabilities. In addition to heading the CDN as a chair, ITV also signed the organization’s Diversity Pledge to confirm their commitment to the public to become more diverse in hiring, representing society on screen and cultivating diversity off-screen. ITV has such a commitment to diversity and seeking new creative talent. They see internships as opportunities to learn on the job, but also receive an income for employment services. Internships are also called apprenticeships. With a 60 year history, ITV has had many years’ experience in hiring interns who have then completed successful internships. Many interns have even been hired in full-time positions at the network.

Process for Obtaining an Internship at ITV

If you want to seek an internship at a company, you increase your chances of obtaining one by fully understanding what types of internships are offered, what requirements are needed and the process involved. These factors will be addressed below.

1. Internships Available

ITV provides a variety of internships which last for a term of one year and provide excellent learning opportunities for prospects. The 12 month term allows the interns to have a long learning period while working with professional experts in the media and broadcasting industry. ITV understands the importance of offering specific career direction and support during the entirety of the internship. The company offers interns a competitive salary. Completing a successful internship awards the intern with an NVQ in Creative & Digital Media or Business & Administration. An NVQ is a National Vocational Qualification which confirms that an intern successfully completed work-related tasks which were intended to educate and develop an individual’s skillset.

2. Requirements to Apply

As previously mentioned, ITV utilizes a diversified focus when hiring interns and employees. They are seeking individuals with a creative and unique outlook who can grow and develop in the company. According to the internship program job tasks and salary level, the company generally considers college students as candidates. However, other individuals who meet the following requirements—who are not college students—will also be considered. Requirements to apply are listed below.

  • Degree certification is not needed to apply
  • Applicants with experience working in a comparable internship are also considered
  • Candidates with a level 4 qualification are also considered
  • Long work history is not required for qualification
  • Must have resided for 3 successive years in the European Economic Area.
  • Sincere intentions to complete a viable and successful internship term

3. Process to Apply

For individuals who are interested in applying for an internship, they should keep in mind that applications are taken annually in June for inclusion in the September term program. It is recommended that applicants visit the ITV Career Facebook Page or Twitter Feed to gain constant updates on the various internships available as well as any updates from the recruitment team. You can visit the ITV website for more information on how to apply for an internship. Additionally, you can search their jobs page to see what internships are available.

Finding an internship at ITV would be beneficial for any applicants located in the UK or the European Economic Area who are interested in the media and broadcasting field. Following the steps as detailed in this article will assist in the process.