How to Get an Internship with Meridian Health

Meridian Health has the slogan "Taking care of New Jersey," which they do in two ways; with patient-centered healthcare services in hospitals, communities and homes, and by advancing medicine through education and research.

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When they were profiled by Great Place To Work earlier this year, they scored 91% and more in all areas, including great communication, great bosses and great atmosphere. When looking for a new employee, they look for a robust resume, adaptability, attention to detail, customer focus and agile learners.

As with most websites, they don’t like to make it easy to find their internships, though when you do, there are actually several options for you:

1. 10-week Externship Program

First you will have an orientation where you’ll learn about being a patient care associate (PCA.) Then you will be assigned a registered nurse preceptor, who will direct you while you spend ten weeks working a 24-hour-a-week schedule as a nurse preceptor with the opportunity to practice selected skills and procedures.

Not ready to be thrown in at the deep end? In addition to your work, you get two hours of professional seminars and workshops each week to help you transition from student to practitioner.

2. 12-Hour Weekend Work

As well as preparing you for the world of work, the OFFER program takes you from student, to registered nurse by offering places on the condition that you stay on to work as a full time RN for the next two years. OFFER means:

  • O: Ongoing support
  • F: Financial assistance and tuition reimbursement. For twelve hours of work at the weekends, you will get tuition reimbursement of $5,000 per year and payment as a full time/36 hour a week team member
  • F: Flexible scheduling. Working at the weekends means you can still go to school full time during the week
  • E: Educational counselling
  • R: RN transition plan of action when your program ends and it’s time for you to fulfill your obligation of becoming an RN


Yes, it is the name of accounting software, but it’s also the acronym for Meridian’s Sharing and Guiding Experience program. Or, if you prefer, a Big Nurse program; you will develop the knowledge and skills you need by being paired with a skilled and experienced nurse who will help to foster your professional development.

4. Clinical Affiliations

Meridian’s partnership with schools of nursing in Monmouth County, Ocean County and beyond gives you the chance to work on shifts at whatever time is convenient to you, as they hold clinical rotations on weekends, nights or days.

A collaboration with Georgian Court College and Seton Hall university means that students at Georgian Court can get the same experience as those at Seton Hall without ever having to leave their campus.

5. Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations at Meridian Health itself gives you the chance to experience their culture first hand while also being encouraged to become a part-time patient care associate; you will be in contact with their recruitment team from the time you apply, throughout your rotation and until you graduate.

6. Make your choice, and apply!

These programs are focused on students, especially those at universities working with Meridian Heatlh such as Seton Hall and Georgian Court. Only 18 students are taken at a time. However, being at a different university doesn’t necessarily stop you, as long as you have the following requirements:

  • You are currently studying a Board of Nursing approved program and are eligible to begin your final year
  • You have a GED, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher strongly preferred
  • You are able to work varied days and hours

How to apply:

  • If applying through your university, it will probably be a module of your course and they will help you with the application. For example, at Georgian Court College it’s the very last thing you’ll study: Plan of study.
  • If applying through Meridian or another site, you will follow the standard online application process

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Are you studying to become a nurse? Have you had a great internship you want to tell people about? Let us know in the comments section below!