How to Get an Internship with SAS

How to Get an Internship with SAS

The SAS Institute (pronounced “sass”) is a software analytics and development company with a world headquarters based in Cary, NC. The analytics software that they developed is also called SAS and it aids in the management and analyzing of data which assists users in the decision making process. The software from SAS is utilized by many of the Fortune 500 companies and it is the leading privately held software business in the world. This company also has a highly effective model workplace environment which offers an excellent benefits package to employees. This model also is effective at keeping employee retention high. This article will address how to get an internship with SAS.

SAS Internship Opportunities

SAS classifies their internships as fellowships where college students are provided the opportunity to work closely with the professional statisticians and computer scientists who have developed the software. On their website, they have a listing of various fellowship opportunities that are available. Their program is called, the “SAS Summer Forecasting & Time Series Analysis Fellowship.” This program is open to doctoral candidates in the U.S. in the following university fields. 

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Related Graduate Departments

Accepted candidates will assist in contributing to the research, development and documentation for the various energy forecasting while utilizing high-frequency data. These individuals will also work with the SAS statistical forecasters in the process of aiding in statistical computing research initiatives. During their time in the fellowship, interns will gain valuable workplace experience and may even have the opportunity to explore a career in software development at SAS.

Qualifications & Process to Apply

As mentioned, you must be a doctoral student in the related fields listed above. In order to be considered for the 2015 summer internship program, candidates must forward a current copy of their resume along with the fellowship application by the January 23, 2015 deadline. Candidates also need to include recommendation letters from two faculty members from the university or college that they are attending. The application can be downloaded from their fellowship opportunities and the pertinent documents then emailed to The candidate’s name and requested fellowship position number must be listed in the subject line of the email.

SAS is seeking candidates qualified in the following areas. You can review the listing below to ascertain whether or not you qualify to apply for an internship.

  • Doctorate in mathematics, statistics, computer science or related graduate departments
  • Attending a college or university in the United States
  • At least 2 years of graduate studies completed by the end of the spring 2015 semester
  • Verified experience in statistical computing which is beyond the basic statistical packages of the university classroom
  • Familiarity with the SAS language, SAS/ETS software and with LaTex
  • Expertise in Linear Algebra; General Linear Models; Time Series Analysis; State-Space Analysis techniques and programming language such as C, C++, and JAVA

For those seeking to get an internship with SAS, it is important to first ascertain whether or not they meet all of the qualifications for such a fellowship. The application process for those who qualify is a simple one as outlined by the information in this article.



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