How to Get an Internship with Yahoo

How to Get an Internship with Yahoo

Yahoo is an Internet corporation globally known for its Web portal, search engine, and various services. Approximately seven million people visit Yahoo associated websites each month. Yahoo has been around for two decades, growing and developing each year. Have you ever thought about working for Yahoo? If you're ready to graduate, a Yahoo internship may be what you're looking for. The following article identifies the benefits, eligibility, internship types, how to apply and preparation techniques to take into account when considering a Yahoo internship.  

Benefits of a Yahoo Internship

The following are some of the key benefits associated with a Yahoo internship:

  • Provided with competitive compensation
  • Travel to and from your internship is covered
  • You will have an opportunity to potentially gain a full-time position after you graduate
  • Work with brilliant, inspiring minds
  • Ability to make a significant difference
  • Offices around the world. Yahoo is headquartered in California, but there are offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Middle East.

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Who is Eligible?

In order to be eligible for an internship, you need to be a student who is currently enrolled in an accredited academic program.

If you have already graduated, you are not eligible for an internship. However, you are encouraged to check out what full-time opportunities are available.

Yahoo looks for individuals who are:

  • Quick thinkers
  • Fast Learners
  • High Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Effective Independent Workers
  • Students With Excellent Time-Management

Which Internships Are Available?

There are various internships available, including:

Marketing & Customer Experience Internship

This internship is meant for those students who set out to impact the business world. Each intern will work alongside senior Yahoo professionals, gaining valuable experience. Each intern is responsible for a final project, along with a formal presentation.

This internship will focus on areas such as; media marketing, customer experience, B2B marketing, research, product marketing, and more. You will help create marketing campaigns reaching millions of people around the global.

Media Internship

These interns will be highly-skilled undergraduate or graduate students who thoroughly understand the media industry. Once again, you will work alongside senior Yahoo professionals, while working on your final project.

Areas of focus are; Fashion and Beauty, Tech, Entertainment, News, Sports, and Travel. As an intern, you will take part in creating high-quality experiences for users worldwide.

Software Development and Operations Engineer Internship

As an intern, you will help Yahoo build the next-generation of exciting products. If applying, you should have a knowledge of data and algorithms, design skills, troubleshooting skills, experience building, maintaining a database, and understand programming.

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How to Apply

If you think you have what it takes, email your CV/resume to: Should they believe your skills and experience match an internship, a member of their Talent Acquisition team will contact you.

You can also apply online as seen within each intern position, there is an option to 'Apply Online'. Once you apply, it's a matter of waiting. You will need to be patient. 

The Interview Process 

If Yahoo is interested in your abilities and what you offer, they will contact you. Once they contact you, the interview stage will begin. This is a highly comprehensive process. You will more than likely need to:

  • Participate in one or more phone interviews 
  • Attend a Skype interview 
  • Provide samples or proof of your work 
  • Provide your social media sites such as LinkedIn (ensure they are updated)

The supervisor will go through each CV/resume, finding the right fit. 

Some Questions to Keep in Mind While Preparing

If you are going into Yahoo for an interview, prepare for some these questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself, what is your program?
  2. What can you do for Yahoo?
  3. What makes you unique?
  4. What type of work environment are you most comfortable in?
  5. What do you know about Yahoo?
  6. What skills will help you throughout this internship?

If you're a student and you think you have what it takes, apply to Yahoo today. There are various positions open, offering excellent opportunities. You have a chance to make a difference, impacting lives worldwide. Apply Today!

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