How to Get an Internship with Zappos

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Zappos was founded in 1999 and since then has become one of the largest online shoe stores in the world. The headquarters is based in Las Vegas, NV and in July 2009, Zappos announced that was acquiring the company via a $1.2 billion all-stock deal. The workplace environment is fun and focused on team building. Interns will gain invaluable experience working at this company. This article will address the steps on how to get an internship with Zappos.

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1. Benefits of Interning at Zappos

Interns benefit from working in a positive work environment where they gain real-life work experience. Interns are valued as part of the team “family” and current interns are even featured on their website. Some benefits include the following:

  • Hourly wage paid to interns
  • Summer interns receive free food and drinks (on campus)
  • Interns receive access to community service and social events
  • 40% discount off is offered to interns
  • Some interns qualify for corporate housing and transition assistance

2. How to Qualify for an Internship

Currently, the spring application window period is closed. However, interested candidates can apply in the fall application period for participation in the 2016 summer internship program. Candidates can email with any specific questions. Qualification requirements are listed below.

  • Currently enrolled full-time as a student (US accredited university)
  • Currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Junior or senior set to graduate between May 2015 – June 2016
  • Needs to relocate to Las Vegas for the 9 week internship

3. Types of Internships Available

Interns do not need to be concerned that they’ll be used simply to complete busy work and go on coffee runs. Every intern will be utilized to work on projects within the team that they are partnered with to complete work that positively impacts the company. Interns will develop meaningful professional relationships with others while working at Zappos. Candidates need to have coursework and extracurricular activities that pertain to the specific department they’d like to intern for. Management has created ten core values which define the workplace culture. The interns they hire must completely understand and agree with the core values of the company. The four departments interns can work for are as follows: Merchandising, Technology, Business and Creative Services.  

  • Merchandising Dept. – This department purchases products for sale, follows marketing trends and forecasts what items will sell on the online store.
  • Technology Dept. – Candidates interested in working for this department will assist with building, maintaining and managing the company website.
  • Business Dept. – This department is where the number crunching happens. Interns will learn about how the company operates through the corporate business department. Additionally, this department does the marketing and hiring.
  • Creative Services Dept. – Candidates who are more creative and enjoy content creation will fit in well with this department. They will learn how to photograph products and upload them to the website. Additionally, they will create ad copy and assist in designing the website landing pages.

4. How to Apply for an Internship

Candidates can become an internship insider by uploading a resume or joining via LinkedIn or Facebook. There are several benefits to becoming an internship insider and they are listed below.

  • Access to be considered for openings as they are available
  • Be informed about the current happenings at the company
  • Find out who you may know at the company and ask for a referral
  • Chat with the Internship Ambassador, Kiersten Sedlar
  • Access to exclusive online events with current Zappos employees

However, even if you are a current internship insider, you will still need to apply for an internship during the application window. As mentioned previously, the next application window is this fall for the 2016 summer internship program. After applying, prospective candidates will need to complete a virtual interview.

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Interns working at Zappos will learn valuable “real-life” business lessons and be part of a positive team-friendly environment. The application process is simple and candidates receive excellent benefits by participating in the internship insider program prior to gaining an internship.

Have you interned at Zappos? Did you find it a positive experience? your thoughts and comments below please...