Get Back Any Employee That Has Left

In the competitive world we live in, finding good people to work for your company can sometimes feel like a hit or miss situation, or even a total crapshoot. Once you do find the good ones, you are then faced with another challenge- keeping them with you. It may seem like an impossible situation but holding onto valuable staff members, and even getting them back once they have moved on, can be done. Here we look at some strategies you can use to entice the employee to come back.

Why Did the Person Leave?

Why did the employee choose to leave in the first place? Was he or she scooped up by a company that had more to offer in terms of salary, benefits or more status? Was the issue that of the employee wanting better working conditions, more flexible work hours, or a workplace closer to home? Or was the problem related to a manager or another co-worker?

If you want to encourage an employee to come back, you first must figure out why they left. If they left for a greener pasture, you need to find out why it was greener. There must be something that they were offered elsewhere that was more desirable to them. If you really want them back, investigate the circumstances under which they left. Get in touch with the person by e-mail or phone and set up an informal meeting. There is no harm in having a chat to discuss the situation.

Set Up a Friendly Meeting

It is probably best to meet on neutral ground such as at a coffee shop. Choose a location that is convenient for the other individual. More than likely the person will not want to have a meeting at your office because it is their former workplace and might cause some discomfort and anxiety, depending upon the circumstances under which they left of course. Be gracious and offer to pay for the employee’s tea or coffee. Remember that at the moment you are no longer the person’s supervisor or boss and therefore they are under no obligation to meet with you if they choose not to.

Find a Bargaining Tool

You need a bargaining tool if you want to get the person to come back to your company. While you may not be able to offer those thousands more dollars a year, or a larger more spacious office, look at what you have to work with and see what strides you can make. Listen to what the person has to say about why they left and leave the door open for negotiations to get underway.

If salary was the issue, work with the numbers and see if you can settle on an amount that will get them back but will not put you in the hole. Offer incentives to your former worker such as profit sharing or performance based bonuses. Many employees do not just leave their jobs because they do not earn enough money but because the challenge and motivation to work harder is not there.

Offer an Extra Incentive

Provide that extra incentive to entice the person to take another look at what you have to offer them at your business. Studies have proven that employees like to have something a little extra to work for, such as an end of the month or end of the quarter bonus if their sales are a given amount. Some companies offer a free trip a year to a sunny destination such as Bermuda or Cuba to the person with the highest sales in a given calendar year.

Consider the Family Side of the Equation

More and more companies are opening themselves up to the possibilities for growth that exist when they are willing to take into account the family responsibilities of their workers. If your employee has a sick relative or a new baby and needed the option of working from the office less and you could not offer it to them, it should not be surprising that they chose to go elsewhere.  

To entice an employee to come back, you must understand why the person left. The reason might point to problems that exist in the structure of your organization and might go far beyond the one employee. Be aware that you will have to look seriously at the policies you adhere to in your company and you may have to make changes not just in regards to the employee you wish to return, but to all of your employees as a whole. You will only get the person to come back if you show a willingness to understand and meet their needs, not just in a work sense, but also in a personal sense as well.

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