How to Get Brownie Points at Work

If you're looking to move up the corporate ladder within your company, getting on your superior's good side is an excellent place to start. But this involves more than being a good employee or a top performer. In all likelihood, there are several employees with similar skills, and each one of these would probably be a good match for promotions. To ensure that your name stays on your superior's mind, you need to do more. For that matter, here are seven ways to get brownie points at work. 

#1. Be a happy employee

Nobody likes a grumpy, moody person, and this includes your boss and coworkers. Even if you're having a terrible day, leave your attitude at the door. Besides, happiness is contagious. If you walk around with a smile on your face and a cheerful attitude, you might become the ray of sunshine that your office needs, which can help you score points with your boss. 

#2. Bring in treats

You don't have to show off your baking skills every week. But once in a while, bring in sweet treats for your coworkers and boss. Perhaps a box of dozens on a Friday morning, or maybe cupcakes, cookies or brownies to celebrate an event in the office. Your good deeds won't go unnoticed. 

#3. Show up for company functions

As much as you would rather spend time with your family or friends than attend a company softball game, showing up to company-sponsored events can help you score big points with your superiors. Since it takes time, money, and effort to organize a company event, your boss will appreciate your support and participation. He or she is undoubtedly keeping a mental note of those who attend these events. 

#4. Take the initiative

It's one thing to complete your job duties to satisfaction. But if you do more around the office, your superior will notice your diligence, which can help you snag a promotion in the future. If you've completed your work, don't just sit shooting the breeze until someone hands you another stack. Approach your boss to see if you can assist in other departments. Also, if you notice an area in the office that needs attention, take the initiative. For example, you might wash the coffee pot in the break room, remove an overflowing trash bin from the restroom or wipe the break room table. 

#5. Be resourceful

If you have a suggestion for improving the efficiency and productivity in the office, don't be afraid to open your mouth. The truth is your boss will likely appreciated any suggestions, especially since increasing productivity also increases revenue. Also, if you're made aware of problems in the office, brainstorm possible solutions and bring these to your superior's attention. 

#6. Be honest in all things

Telling even a "little white lie" can rub your boss the wrong way. For example, you might call in sick, and then later that day your coworker stumbles upon a Facebook picture that says otherwise. This can reduce your employer's confidence and trust in you, and potentially hurt your chances of advancement. 

#7. Be a team player

You may have the best ideas during a company meeting, yet your coworkers go with another suggestion. Rather than argue your point to the death or push the issue, be a team player and accept the majority's decision on the issue. This demonstrates your professionalism and a willingness to cooperate. 

What steps have you taken to get brownie points at work?


Image Credit: Flickr