How to Get By When You Run Out of Money

You just paid your last dollar to keep the lights on. Or maybe you spent it on a bag of weed. Whatever the case, you’re now broke and freaking the freak out. How will you make ends meet? How will you pay the rest of your bills? And how are you going to find a date, fulfill your entrepreneurial ambitions and live the life you’ve always dreamed of living with nary a dime to your name? Because it’s a sad fact of life that trying to get by without money is like attempting to walk with no legs. You’re not going to get very far.

The good news is: there is always hope. You are surrounded by money right now. None of it may be in your possession, but you’re soon going to funnel it your way. What follows are ten ways to get by when you run out of money. Even if you’re broke as a joke right this moment, you’re going to be solvent and ready to take on the world in no time. So let’s get started, shall we? Proceed to number one. It’s time to get paid.

1. Find Those Skills That Pay the Bills

Do you have any special talents that people often call you about? Maybe friends contact you when they need financial advice. Family members might ask you to help them get into shape. Those unique skills can be converted into cash. You just need to add a little elbow grease to make it happen.

Whether you’re good at computers, fitness, financial stuff or how to pick up women, you’re going to advertise your services on Craigslist.

This requires no money to get started. You can create a gmail address (for free), and you’ll invite interested prospects to email or call. All it takes is one customer for your confidence to soar; then you are back in business. Keep bumping your ad often and you’ll have handfuls of dollars before you know it.

2. Flyer Your Neighborhood

Spend the money you get with your Craigslist business or try to find a place to make free copies and begin flyering your neighborhood with your new service. Put the flyers on stop signs, at neighborhood parks and anywhere else people are likely to see them. Then wait for the emails and phone calls to come in.

3. Find Lost Pets

While you are waiting for customers to respond to your Craigslist ad or flyer efforts, visit Craigslist again and start searching the pets section. Pets go missing all the time, and it’s common for owners to offer rewards for those who may find their furry loved ones around the neighborhood. You can pretend you’re like Dog the Bounty Hunter, except you’ll be hunting for actual dogs. This isn’t as sure of a thing as the Craigslist or flyer schemes, but it just might pay off if you find you have a knack for finding pets.

4. Do Odd Jobs

While you’re waiting for emails and phone calls to come in, and while you’re out searching for pets, start knocking on doors. Ask people if they need their yards raked or mowed. If you don’t have your own equipment, ask if you can use theirs. You may think this sounds weird, but get this: Just because people possess lawn equipment doesn’t mean they actually want to use it. People are lazy. You can use this aspect of human nature to make a little extra dough for yourself. Charge $20-$50 per yard and you could have a couple hundred by the end of the week.

5. Rummage Through the Trash

You’d be amazed at what people throw away. That adage one man’s trash is another man’s treasure definitely holds true, especially if you hang out in wealthy neighborhoods. You don’t have to go rooting through trash cans. Just drive (or ride your broke ass bike) through those wealthy neighborhoods to see what people lay out with their trash. You can find TVs, furniture and other knickknacks that can bring a hefty fee on Ebay or at pawn shops.

6. Call In Old Favors

If you are too shy to start your own side business, and you’re too proud to go knocking on doors or rooting through garbage bins, it’s time to call in some favors.

Get on the phone with any friends or relatives whom you have loaned money to in the past. Tell them you’re in a tight spot and that you need to be paid back ASAP. If you’ve never loaned money to anyone, you might need to take the next step (you horrible friend you).

7. Beg For Help

Get on the phone and call friends, family, and anyone else who will accept your call. Tell them you’re destitute and that you’re about to have to sleep in your car, or in an alley. Even if it’s not true, the trick is to tug at their heart strings so hard that it starts producing a little coinage, just like pulling the lever on a slot machine. If one person gives in and hands you money, don’t stop there. Go through your entire contact list until you’re rolling in cash. This isn’t a time to be proud. You’re broke, for Christ’s sake. Let your sob story fly!

8. Baby or Petsit

Now it’s time to call those parents or pet owners in your contacts list who might need some free time to themselves. Convince them that they’ve been overworking themselves and that they need to get away. Then offer to babysit or petsit (for a fee, of course). The more days you can get them to skip town for, the more money you’ll make. Sure, you’ll have to watch some rug rat or feed some dog or cat for a day or more, but no one said making money was easy.

9. Sell Your Body

No, I am not suggesting that you resort to prostitution. Unless, of course, you are super hard up. Instead, go out and sell your sperm or blood. Or, if you’re a woman, go out and sell your eggs. Men can make $20-$50 for each bodily fluid session, but women can make up to $10K for eggs. Sure, the latter involves hormone shots and the chance of becoming infertile, but this is the here, and now we are talking about. Leave future thinking for when you’re more solvent. Right now you just need enough to get by, and anything goes.

10. Get a Job

If you’ve attempted all of the above, and you still have nothing but lint in your pockets, it’s time to suck it up and start filling out applications. McDonald’s sounds like a crap job, but it’s better than rooting through trash cans and donating so many bodily fluids that you turn into a dry husk of a person. Just know that if you want money, sometimes you have to do whatever you can. That might mean working for someone else.

You now have 10 ways to put more money in your pocket using nothing more than your wits and a little elbow grease. Once you’ve made enough money to pay your bills and put food on the table, then you can start focusing on your entrepreneurial ambitions. Just be sure you make better decisions in the future so that so that you are never, ever in this position again. Being broke sucks. Hopefully, with the advice you’ve found here, you won’t be in that position for long.

What ways have you found to earn money when you’re in a tight spot? If you’ve ever resorted to something I failed to list here, let us all know in the comments section below. Some of our readers might need money right this moment, and they’ll be super excited to hear any ideas you might have.