How to get Creative When Working Remotely

Working remotely certainly has it’s perks…The ability to login, produce work almost anytime, anywhere and a certain freedom from the shackles of the barking boss, irritating co-workers and regimented office hours. However, although it may sound attractive, you do need to display a certain amount of discipline when working remotely and there is the danger of falling into a slump, especially when it comes to creative work such as writing or graphic design.

So what do you do to get creative when working away from the office? Whether you’re a freelancer or temporarily working away from the office, here are a few tips that might just lend a helping hand...

Choose the Right Fuel

When you are working remotely (whether at home or somewhere with free WiFi) you are bound to either make or order drinks at regular intervals during the day. This nugget of advice may sound a little odd but it’s not - pick the right drinks and stay hydrated. Consuming too much tea and coffee dehydrates the body and all that caffeine will make you crash and burn - this will have a negative effect on your ability to be creative. Drink plenty of water, as well as herbal teas or appealing fruit juices and your thinking cap will stay in tip top shape!

Tune In

If you are struggling and need a little creative inspiration, putting on your earphones and listening to either soothing or upbeat music will give you the headspace and mental imagery you need to get the task done.

Also, by utlising social tools such as MSN messenger, Skype or Google + Hangouts to get in touch with other creative types you know is a great idea. Talking to people about your work and getting a trusted opinion is a great way to reignite that creative spark and if you were in the office, you’d call in a meeting a situation like that - so why not do it remotely?

Choose a Place to Suit You

Everyone is different, that’s what makes the world tick. So when working remotely, ensure you login to your tablet or laptop in a location that helps you to conjure incredible ideas and focus.

This may be a quiet corner of a sleepy coffee shop or smack bang in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a busy McDonalds during the lunchtime rush. It doesn’t matter. The point is, find out which environment you thrive in most and when you need to get creative, get amongst it - this will certainly help.

Get Organised

This is true to pretty much any aspect of work, it’s mentioned a lot and this statement is now a proper cliche. But, consider this - if you use organisational tools to keep your affairs in order (anything from your finances to your weekly schedule), when logging on remotely, it will keep your mind clear to focus solely on whipping up as creative storm. From experience, I can tell you this is most certainly worth mentioning and by staying organised, it will have truly positive effect on your creativity.

Absorb Your Surroundings

Now, as I said earlier, finding the perfect environment for you is essential when it comes to getting creative when working remotely. But sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of being able to find the perfect location when we need a shot of creative energy.

If you are stuck in a library-like tea room when you’d rather be sat in the middle of a busy, bustling bar, use it to your advantage anyhow. As humans, we get inspiration and create ideas based on what we see, hear and absorb in day to day life. So when time is of the essence and you need to get that creative buzz on, stand up, walk around, look at the walls, the ceilings, the decorations, the people...pretty much anything the place has to offer. By the time you sit down, I bet you’ll be flowing with ideas!

When it comes to be creative, particularly when working remotely, there is a lot of pressure as you can’t always just switch it on when you want. But, by following some of these tips and having faith in yourself, you can really make it happen - best of luck!




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