Secure Ways to Lose Your Job

Secure Ways to Lose Your Job

In a competitive workplace, it’s important that you act appropriately and always adhere to office etiquette rules. If not, you will expose yourself as a 'troublemaker' in the eyes of management, and let’s face it, troublemakers never last long in the job. 

So, if you want to guarantee better job security, be sure to take note of our 10 tips !

1. A violent attitude is never a proper attitude

It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, or what you do. Violence is never a solution for anything.

2. Alcohol vs. the office

Everybody knows that drinking alcohol is never a positive thing. Drinking during working hours will definitely upset the boss.

3. Gossip

Its fun at the time, but it’s never a good thing. The more you do it, the higher the possibility of a negative outcome.

4. Losing control and acting crazy

Everyone has a reason for acting crazy at work once in a while, but to do it regularly is a bad move. If your computer crashes before you can save your work, don’t get mad. Self-control is key.

5. Sleeping at work

Many employees are bored at work, and when you mix a lack of sleep with boredom you will likely end up sleeping on the job. It is highly recommended not to show that you’re tired, especially when the boss is around.

6. Romance at work

ALWAYS keep your private life separate from your professional one. Although you cannot tell your heart what to do, try to keep any workplace romances away from the office.

7. Take responsibility for what you are doing

Never try to blame others for your mistakes. Eventually the truth will come out and you will be the one that gets in trouble.

8. Curiosity

It is never recommended to eavesdrop. Especially on the boss!

9. Talking on the phone

If it’s not related to work don’t do it. Especially if you’re calling from the office phone! (Not that calling from your mobile is a better choice.)

10. Playing Games

Doing anything that’s not related to your work during working hours is a sure way to lose your job.

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