How to Get Good at Making Money

Money is a very controversial subject particularly when it comes to assessing the financial disparities between the have's and the have not's. In fact, many have argued that there are people who were born with the gift of making ridiculous sums of money while others were destined for poverty. However, these superstitions have been proven wrong countless times by stories of people who rose from rags to riches and people who fell from riches to rags all over the world. The real struggle comes in when you have to contend with the reality of your current financial position. For you to be rich, you must first be good at making money because no one gets rich by being financially irresponsible, unless of course you're a very lucky gambler. It's with this in mind that we should ask ourselves, how do we get good at making money?

#1 Don't expect financial miracles any time soon

Religion is good for humanity since it gives us a sense of hope for a better future. However, religion can as well be used as a scapegoat to justify our problems in the hope that a miraculous event will one day make them disappear. This makes me wonder whether we would survive if our daily needs were solely dependent on miracles in the first place. In a world where survival for the majority is based on hard work, you can't afford to use miracles as the founding principle behind realising your financial goals. Those who are good at making money embrace reality as opposed to superstitions. As a very religious and prayerful man once said; "I prayed to God for 20 yrs on my knees but my prayers weren't answered, until I started praying on my feet."

#2 Have realistic Ambitions and Dispose off any 'Hollywood' Fantasies

In as much as 'Hollywood' movies boost our creativity, they also tend to ignite unrealistic fantasies within us and surprisingly enough, many take these fantasies with extreme seriousness. However, the world is diverse in realities which widely differ with the monopoly of Hollywood fantasies. It's therefore wise to embrace reality and have ambitions that are actually possible to achieve. Good money makers are people who are realistic with their current ambitions which consequently make them content with their current situations. That way, they maximise on the current opportunities at their disposal no matter how small and insignificant they might seem to reap on the maximum financial benefits possible. Otherwise, dwelling on the impossible will only serve in guaranteeing your failure in financial success.

#3 Reconcile with yourself by Identifying your True Calling

To excel in making money, you've got to do what you love with passion and integrity. Everyone has that talent which they tirelessly execute with passion, ease and efficiency. The most successful and prosperous entrepreneurs and careerists are experts at what they do. In fact, you'll come to realise that there are people who hate every aspect that pertains to their current jobs despite their impressive salaries. They also tend to be stressed out because money is their sole motivation. It's therefore important to identify what you're good at; to not only be good at making money, but to also experience the joy of fulfilment in your life.

#4 Exercise 'Heartless' Discipline in Financial Matters

One thing about money is that it tends to be slippery. It's also dangerous to put emotion into financial matters. For instance, while many are in a hurry to improve standards of living, others are serial victims of impulse buying. Living beyond your means will also choke on your financial capabilities. Those who are good at making money are motivated by the fact that the financial storehouse is bulging and that not all money is going down the drain. Simple yet underestimated financial habits such as budgeting, saving, investing and personal 'austerity measures' are key stepping stones to improving on your money making capabilities.

#5 Motivate yourself by linking with like minded people

In the wise words of King Solomon, show me your friends and I'll show you your true character. The friends we cling to ultimately affect our financial habits. In an effort to 'fit in' we tend to be subliminally subjected to peer pressure spending which ultimately shifts our financial position in the long run. The 'insignificant' amounts that we spend to impress tend to haunt us in the end when we audit our yearly financial resolutions. It's therefore essential to steer clear of financially derailing friends and establish rapport with financially conscious friends who will ultimately advise you on ways of improving your money making skills.

#6 Face your fears by boldly taking a step at a time

Fear keeps reminding us with seemingly justified and realistic reasons as to why our dreams can't come true. It freezes us in our current positions and gives us a false sense of security that everything will be okay. However, change is inevitable and financial crises arise when we least expect it. It's therefore important to prepare yourself in advance by deciding to take one step at a time. Putting your ideas on paper would be a good start. On line research and social media interaction would also be a great start in assessing the options available. In the end, it's impossible to experiment on your money making capabilities unless you take that first step in realising your financial goals and dreams in life.

#7 Learn from Past financial mistakes and avoid repeating them

Light bulb inventor Thomas Edison when asked whether he regretted his mistakes said "I've learned a thousand mistakes to avoid when making a light bulb." Similarly, no one is perfect and everyone has past financial flaws. The problem however is to perceive our mistakes negatively altogether thus disposing them in the pit of forgetfulness. It's therefore important to be conscious of your past financial mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future.

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The Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC founder Colonel Sanders had his idea rejected 1009 times before an investor finally decided to fund it. His secret was persistence. We've heard this before and we will always hear this advice when someone encourages us. Never give up. Many of us are discouraged by our current situations and being good at making money seems to be a distant dream. In the end, it's the thought that counts and thus instead of thinking of the impossibilities, we should shift focus by meditating on the possibilities that might make our financial dreams come true.