How to Get Hired by Dell

Get Hired by Dell

Michael Dell - which is Dell’s founder if you haven’t figured that out yet - started his business while still in college. I mean that quite literally means his company’s headquarters was his dorm room. With a loan of just $1000 from his family, Michael Dell’s company managed to make a gross income of $73 million in its first year. Today Dell Inc. is of the largest multinational technology corporations in the world and employs more than 103,300 people globally.  If you want to work for the self-made man himself, read on to find out how to go about it.

Dell makes the entire job application process very user friendly. 

What and where

First you need to decide what you would like to do and where you would like to do it. As a multinational technology company there are many and constant opportunities across all continents. To assist you in your search Dell even has a dedicated job search engine, too. 


All Dell candidates must fill out a Dell profile. 

The profile not only assists the recruiters to get into contact with you but it also tailors search results to the information you provided. Another great benefit to this system is that you can choose to be notified if there are future opportunities that fit your credentials and qualifications.


You’ve found the job you’re interested in and filled out your profile, now go ahead and apply. Search for the job you’d like, click on the link for it and then press the button at the bottom of the page. It says ‘Apply Now’, you can’t miss it. Keep scrolling, scrolling, there it is! Of course if out of pure excitement you didn’t fill out your profile you’ll be prompted to do so.

Beyond the application

Right on the ‘Applying for a Job’ page you’ll see a few more options. One is CV/Resume tips and the other is the Employee Referral Program. Under the CV/Resume tips you’ll find some really great guidelines to optimize your resume when applying. This isn’t your run of the mill recommendations either this is almost like a Resume Writing Lab so you can create a great and engaging resume! This is a very valuable tool for any potential candidate.

Now what?

If you are screened for an interview that usually happens four weeks after the posting of the position. If you’re chosen, a recruiter will contact you for an interview. After that they’ll have an answer for you in about seven days. Expect a telephone screening which will just go over your previous experience and salary requirements.

The interview

Congratulations you got yourself an interview! These are the things that you can expect during the interview process:

  1.      The telephone screening (as I mentioned above),
  2.      A technical/functional interview that will be done with someone specialized in the field you’re applying for,
  3.      A team/on-site interview that could be one-on-one or in the form of a panel interview.

The interview process wraps up with the final interview with a director or hiring manager. Keep in mind throughout the process that Dell is very interested in specific real world examples from your previous positions. They believe that your previous behaviours are a very solid indication as to what you will be in the future. Like the application page that walks you through the process, on the interview page you can find valuable resources that will assist you during your interview. Furthermore it lists the standards that the company looks for in candidates, which of course can be key information. 


Although the process may seem a bit long, keep in mind that Dell is a multinational company with hundreds of thousands of employees. This system is set up not only to stream-line the application process for the company but also for you. Dell already has a presence across the globe and is constantly expanding. Based on employee testimonies it is a great company to work for and job mobility is often and beneficial. Try starting your career with Dell today.

Do you work for Dell or applied for a position there? Then let us know in the comment section below.      

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