How to Get Hired by Marriott Hotels

How to Get Hired by Marriott Hotels

Last year, Marriott had more than 30,000 job openings. So, if you studied hospitality or business in college, or if you’re looking for an entry-level opportunity with the company, there might be a position on the regional or corporate level that matches your skills and experience. 

Connect with the Company on Social Media

Nowadays, just about every large or medium-sized company is on social media, and Marriott is no exception. If you’re interested in working with the company, follow the company’s career page on Facebook. This is an excellent resource because the page regularly features articles about the career process and information on current openings. And since the page is moderated by approximately 30 Marriott human resource professionals, it’s the best platform to ask questions and gain insight about the hiring process. 

Campus Career Fairs

On-campus career fairs are another great place to meet recruiters and learn about openings in your field of interest. As a matter of fact, each year Marriott visits about 50 college and university campuses throughout the United States and internationally with hopes of filling positions with new graduates. If your college will host a career fair in the fall or spring, call the event organizer to learn which companies will be present, and then plan accordingly. 

Marriott is an international company; therefore, it only hires the best. A career fair isn’t just a place to get information about a company, it’s your opportunity to make a strong first impression. Dress professionally, speak professional and bring a results-oriented resume. A recruiter may conduct a preliminary interview on-the-spot, and schedule a formal interview if he likes what he hears. 

Veterans’ Programs

Researched conducted by Marriott shows that "values learned in military service are a perfect match for the hospitality industry." And through the company’s partnership with different veterans’ organizations in 2013, Marriott seeks former military personnel for many of its available positions. The website launched for Vets matches former servicemen and women with positions based on their skills.

Marriott Career Page

The company’s website is also an excellent place to learn about available positions on the regional and corporate level. Sign up for "Stay in Touch" and learn about new openings early. Use a computer, laptop or tablet to complete an online application and upload your resume, and an HR recruiter will be in touch shortly, if you meet the criteria for employment. The process may include both a telephone and a phone interview. 

Bottom Line

Working with Marriott can be a rewarding opportunity, but along with knowing the best ways to get hired, your interview skills need to be spot-on. Learn as much about the company as possible, dress professional for your interview and practice interview questions with a friend.