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PayPal offers career opportunities in its offices all over the world in a variety of sectors including Finance, IT, Operations, Facilities, HR and Sales. It’s a great organisation to work for and offers fabulous scope for progression, training and earnings.


PayPal offers great pay. Salaries vary by position, but, to give you an idea, here’s what you could expect to earn in some key roles:

Product Manager

£67,000 - £73,000 per annum

Business Analyst

£56,000 - £61,000 per annum


£33,000 - £36,000 per annum

Business Development Manager

£57,000 - £62,000 per annum

Sales Manager

£58,000 - £62,000 per annum

Expense Analyst Intern

£19,000 - £21,000 per annum

Source: GlassDoor

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job search

If you’d like to pursue a real career opportunity with PayPal, here’s the lowdown on what’s required.

Skills and abilities

The skills and abilities PayPal are looking for are dependent upon the job you’re applying for. As with all job applications, always read the job and person specifications thoroughly and tailor your application documentation to reflect what’s required in the job advert. Make sure you include examples of situations where you’ve utilised the relevant skills to bring about a satisfactory conclusion. Whatever role you’re applying for, PayPal will be on the lookout for the following key skills:

  • Problem solving and creativity
  • Innovation
  • The ability to motivate and lead, engage and mentor
  • The ability to complete tasks without close supervision on your own initiative

Self-promotion is important

PayPal is a dynamic organisation that encourages enthusiasm and commitment from its staff. Promote yourself in this light, focusing on appropriate keywords sourced from PayPal job adverts and content on their websites. Make sure you have a really inspiring goals speech prepared for your interview and sell your strengths in direction relating to the abilities and skills PayPal are looking for.

Applying online successfully

PayPal actively encourage and prefer online applications, no matter what position you are applying for. Take your time and remember to include references to and examples of the skills and qualities required for the job you’re applying for.

Reassuringly, candidate feedback at GlassDoor reveals that there are no particularly challenging or difficult questions asked at interview. However, you should still prepare thoroughly and have your answers at your fingertips so that you come across as professional and confident.

Research the PayPal organisation and brand

The best way of demonstrating how keen you are to join the organisation is to learn as much as you can about it before you apply, and certainly prior to your interview. Browse the various PayPal websites and learn what they’re all about; how the company began life and where they see themselves in the future.

Read their mission statement and spend time perusing the various articles and press releases in their online newsroom. Your aim is to understand how PayPal tick, and in doing so you’ll also get a clearer picture of how they relate to their customers and their employees.

PayPal is certainly an organisation that is here to stay and is growing all the time. There are literally hundreds of diverse career opportunities on offer in their offices across the world and there has never been a better time to apply.




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