How to Get Hired By VISA

How to Get Hired By VISA

There is a reason why Visa Inc. is a top employer. Its global presence, good reputation, competitive salaries, and employee benefits make it a desirable company to work for whether you are looking for an entry-level position, technical job or to work in management.

Here’s how to get your foot in at Visa Inc.:

Online job search and application

All available jobs at VISA are viewable on their online database. Given that the company has offices in different parts of the world, you could have to look at country specific Visa Inc. websites to find a job in your preferred country. For example, to apply for jobs in UK and in the rest of Europe, you would use the Visa Inc. Europe website to find suitable jobs.

To apply for a job, first register and create an account at the Visa jobs site. You will also need to create an online profile through which you can submit your job application and check the status of your submissions.

Undergraduate and graduate opportunities

One of the best ways land a job at Visa Inc. is through their graduate and undergraduate recruitment programs. In fact, the company is on a mission to staff their global offices with young college graduates for entry-level support positions as well as positions in the technology, marketing, finance and human resources levels.

In addition to conducting on-site university recruitments, Visa Inc. also lists a number of opportunities available for undergraduates, apprentices, and for postgraduates with an MBA or a technology degree.

What recruiter is looking for

According to graduate and undergraduate interns who have been hired to work across different VISA offices, what the recruiters really look for in young candidates is charisma and a visible passion to climb up the ranks within the company.

Hacking the interview process

Applicants who are looking for higher position in management, human resources, marketing or in the technology department must demonstrate a substantial level of expertise and experience. More importantly, successful candidates are typically the ones who fully understand what VISA is really about—the nature of their business, their values, and competitors.

What other applicants say

According to applicants who have been issued an employment offer at the company, the interview process is largely based on resume content, behavioral questions and questions that gauge your understanding of the company.

An anonymous interview candidate on aptly captured the gist of the interview process when he advised other applicants to, “Know a lot about VISA and the payments industry. Have a good reason for wanting to work there, and know your resume well.”


Expect to go through several rounds of interviews. Some will be conducted over the phone while others will be in-person. The space between each interview could be as long as four weeks, but you can track the status of your application from the profile you created on the company’s job site.

Desirable technical qualities

As an archetypal technology company, VISA is certainly looking for people with advanced knowledge and expertise in technology. Applicants with a technology or engineering background stand a higher chance of finding more job opportunities at the company. Nevertheless, applicants with a background in Marketing and Finance are also highly desirable.

You might find the interview process and the work environment at any  VISA office to be quite casual. This is an indication of what the HR department are generally looking for when hiring—someone who is charismatic, more focused on project deliverables than on official protocols and is able to meld well in an environment that mostly works in teams. Good Luck!


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