How to Get Into a Prestigious Music School

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Music has been a source of inspiration, collaboration and entertainment for centuries, connecting people of all ages and cultures around the world. It’s a skill that has sparked interest in the hearts of many, and yet, been mastered by only a few. What makes for a great, standout musician? Typically, a combination of skill, natural talent, and unhindered passion are musts; however, there’s also the all-important aspect of having a mentor or teacher to show you the unspoken rules of the road, and help lead you down the path of musical success. 

By attending a music school, any aspiring musician can increase their skill and foster a lifelong passion for their instrument - whether it is their voice, guitar, violin, piano, or a combination of different devices. Master your current skill level, remain teachable, and display your passion and zeal for the world of music, and you could be on your way to one of a few prestigious schools around the world. Read on below for tips and tricks on how to nail those auditions - and join the ranks of the most talented musical students at the school of your dreams.

1. Set Yourself Apart

Almost all music schools have multiple rounds of both interviews and auditions in order to gain admission. Set yourself apart each step of the way by playing unique or memorable music, highlighting your best skills, and talking about your musical aspirations thus far. It’s good to be specific about what you’ve done so far in your pursuit, whether that is personal projects or playing in a band. Share stories about yourself during the interview so that you’re not just a great musical candidate, but a great future student as well.

2. Play Original Music

One way to make yourself stand out is by playing original music. Make sure it’s appropriate -depending on what school you’re applying to -and that the song emphasizes your skill set. You’ll be able to show off your creativity, as well as your uniqueness as a candidate. Memorable, indeed!

3. Be Overly Prepared

Practice your sight reading, improvisation, whatever songs you have prepared, and anything else the school requires. Each audition will be different depending on the school and the panel of judges, and though you’ll have a list of things to prepare, it’s really difficult to predict exactly how it will go. It’s better to be overly prepared and relaxed, rather than underprepared and anxious.

4. Be Humble

Though you’ll want to display confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your potential during the audition, it’s equally important to remain teachable and take any criticism with grace. Remember - you’re auditioning for this school because you’re eager to learn, and as such have lots more to learn. You’re nowhere near an expert and the judges certainly aren’t interested in an overly confident aspiring musician that’s unable to learn from his or her mistakes.

5. Do Your Research

Express your passion for music in general, but make sure to also speak on why it’s this school specifically that you’re interested in. Make sure to note any successful faculty or alumni, a brief history of the school in case it’s brought up, and any other relevant information. Let them know that you’re eager to learn from their professors, take advantage of what the school offers, and in the end, leave the school a better musician than when you entered. The ultimate goal for both students and teachers alike is to see an increase in skill and passion, and you’ll want to emphasize your genuine interest in those objectives from the get-go.

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Whether you’ve been playing and singing with fervor your entire life, or just a few years, it’s your passion for the world of music that will truly propel you forward in your career. Skill can be acquired; genuine love and adoration cannot. With that in mind, focus your eyes on the prize, do your homework, and learn to balance confidence with humility, and you’ll be on your way to greatness in no time. 

Wherever your career leads you, music will always be a part of your life, as long as you’ll let it. March to the beat of your own drum, and perhaps you’ll meet others who appreciate the sound.




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