How to Get Out Of a Rut and Boost Your Career

With summer already here, many of us are shocked at how fast this year has gone! It seems like only last week that we were pulling christmas crackers and eating a turkey dinner! However, reflecting on how quickly time passes can make us realize that our careers are going nowhere and we are essentially ‘stuck in a rut’.

Rather than feel sorry for yourself and accept the situation, you must be proactive and take the necessary steps to boost your career! 

Here are some usual tips on how to boost your career so you are ready for career progression:

#1 Make a Stand

This is your career and it is up to you to achieve your goals. Don’t rely on other people to make things happen for you; take responsibility and be confident in your decisions.

#2 Should you go or should you stay?

You may feel like you are stuck in a rut at your current company, but this could be down to something you are not doing right. If you company is doing well, you like your employer and there is scope for progression, then it is advised to remain with them and take the necessary steps to boost your career internally.

#3 Plan!

Without a realistic plan of action, you will find yourself getting overwhelmed trying to achieve your career goals without a clear direction. You need to have a step-by-step plan on how you will get from A to B in the quickest and most effective way possible. Your plan will vary depending on whether you remain with your current employer or search for a new job.

#4 Enhance yourself

You may be qualified for your job, but with progression and promotion, comes the need to develop all sorts of skills. Attend industry seminars to expand your knowledge of the industry, participate in training programs and work to develop your communication skills. If you are promoted to a position of authority where you are in charge of a team, your communication skills will prove to be essential.

#5 Network like crazy!

Don’t wait for the New Year to start networking, the festive season is a great time to meet similar minded people and industry experts who may prove to be your stepping stone to a successful career in 2013! Be sociable and attend as many industry events and company parties as possible, and remember to take your business cards with you!

So remember the world is your oyster and there is no limit to how far up the ladder you can climb.




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