How to Get Over the “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” Syndrome

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Sometimes you may feel that you don’t know what you are doing. But that’s when you need to trust yourself the most. Well, this is how you can do that.

Has anyone ever asked you “what do you do” but you didn’t have an answer for them because you aren’t doing something great? Have you ever felt that you have no idea of what direction your career is headed? If yes, then you are not alone. Research shows that throughout their lifetime, 70 percent of people experience imposter syndrome – the feeling that they aren’t good at their jobs or they don’t deserve their job. But while this sounds self-destructive, in many ways it isn’t; it just give you the chance to see a few things clearer.  

It’s natural to feel that you don’t know where your career is headed, and it is necessary to help you move forward. This is time to take a break and think about what you want out of your career and reconsider your priorities. If you think you are struggling with imposter’s syndrome, there some things you can do to deal with it.

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1. Stop Thinking You Have to Have it all Figured Out

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You may be feeling that by now you should have learned everything there is to know about your chosen field, but the truth is you don’t. I mean yeah you need to be an expert at what you do, but you are never going to know everything. Uncertainty is necessary to drive action and change. If you aren’t willing to endure some uncertainty in your life then you will never accept new responsibilities in your job or start a scary – but exciting, new project. Not having it all figured out is good as it allows you to try out new things and experiment in your career.

2. Stop Thinking You Are Behind Others

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Stop thinking that everybody else is ahead of you. Those people have their own lives including personal and professional struggles and their situation is way different to yours. The biggest mistake you can make, which can be fatal to your career, is comparing yourself to others and thinking that you don’t measure up to other professionals in your field or your colleagues. While it can be tough to think that everybody else is thriving except you, take a moment to consider how this is affecting you and try to change it. Next time you are thinking about it, try to see it in a different – more positive light.

3. Start Focusing on Your Own Strengths

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One of the main characteristics a person with imposter’s syndrome has is thinking that they are not worthy. As such, you would believe that you don’t deserve your job or the money you make, convincing yourself that all you have acquired came from pure luck or coincidence. The problem with this is that you fail to recognise your own potential. Everyone is different and that’s a good thing. Instead of thinking about what you lack in terms of skills, experience and knowledge focus on strengths and build on them.

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You can get over your imposter’s syndrome once you start believing in yourself and realising that your career and life is what you choose to make it. If you need some time to think things through and figure out the next step, then that’s what you need to do.  

Have you ever felt like you didn;t know where your career was headed? What did you do about it? Feel free to share your own experiences or any thoughts in the comments section below…