Get Paid to be a Human Barbie

The Mattel version of Barbie may have no problem getting a job; among her more than 150 careers, she’s been a kindergarten teacher, a veterinarian, an astronaut and even president. When you’re a human Barbie instead of a plastic one, however, you may need to do more than simply don the right gear in order to actually feed your family.

There’s been more than one Barbie look-a-like over the years -- most of them going to great lengths to look like the "real" thing. But how does looking like Barbie translate into making money? If you aspire to have the tiny waist, huge chest and pouty lips of Barbie, here are a few ways you could get paid to be a human Barbie.

Find yourself some sponsorships. So called "Barbie Mom" Lacey Wildd maintains an active presence on social media feeds -- and that’s earned her quite a following of fans and onlookers. When she needed money to help pay for one of her many plastic surgeries, she turned to her social media followers to help out. A number of followers sent Barbie Mom money -- thus bankrolling her next venture under the knife.

Get advertising money. Here’s a twist on making the direct sell to your followers: offer up your notoriety to sell advertising. The human Barbies out there have been known to sign on for advertising gigs for clothing and other goods.

Get a gig as an actress. There are lots of Barbie movies out there, but so far, they’ve only been animated ones. That’s about to change though. The word is, a movie about Barbie’s exploits into her various careers will be in production by the end of 2014. If that happens, could it be the perfect opportunity to cast a human Barbie -- and even a human Ken -- into the spotlight? Whether or not that happens, the current human Barbies could have other acting opportunities because of their looks, pursuing everything from commercials to TV to film acting.

Sign a book deal. Whether she makes it or breaks it, people seem to love reading stories about the rise and fall of famous people. Should the other streams of income stop coming, then, there’s always the prospect of selling her story to a publisher.

With multiple plastic surgeries costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, it might take some time to recoup the costs of becoming a human Barbie -- but these methods might certainly help people get paid to be a human Barbie. 


Image courtesy Mauren Veras, Flickr




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