How To Get Started In The Hospitality Industry

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There are a lot of careers available in the hospitality industry and surprisingly it’s not too hard to branch out into a hospitality-based business. Whether you want to work in a hotel at the front desk, become a manager or even work serving guests in a restaurant, you should be able to find the career that is perfect for you.



Where Can You Find Careers in Hospitality?

Working in a hotel, job seekers can find jobs such as: a general manager, a hotel clerk, bellhop, concierge or a maid/housekeeper. While hotel careers are leading in the hospitality industry, they aren’t the only places you can find work. One area that most people find easier to get into is restaurants. If you love food and enjoy working in the restaurant business, working as a waiter, line cook, sous chef or a Maître d’ is an option. You can also manage a restaurant or even start your own. Hospitality jobs can also be found at casinos, cruise lines, resorts and airports.


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How to Get Your Start in Hospitality?

The best way to start out in a hospitality career is to consider getting a two-year degree in hospitality management. You can also prove that a background in communications, business, management, marketing, public relations, or culinary arts is valuable to the industry. These experiences all prove to have knowledge of business, customer service and a high interaction with people.

As with any field, you have to start from the bottom. You may not want to work as a receptionist or waiter, but you will need to gain experience and prove that you have a strong work ethic. From there it will become easier for you to climb up the ladder to a position that you truly want.

The key to any job that you have or want is your level of dedication and passion. If you aren’t proving to a hiring manager or your boss that all that matters to you is a paycheck, why would they want to hire or help you move up in their company? It’s important to show an interest in the business and display a level of curiosity for the way that the company works. By doing this and ensuring that your customers or guests are happy with your services, you’ve proven your ability and commitment to the industry.



Lastly, if you have just taken a position to gain the experience do not forget to keep your eye out for opportunities you want. This is important if you feel that you might get stuck in the same position for a long time. People tend to forget their goals when they feel that the money their making is great at the time. You may not regret it now, but sooner or later you’ll wish that you looked or applied to that perfect position you saw online.

Do you have any suggestions about getting into the hospitality world? Have you or are you interested in working in the industry? Share your story below.