How to Get Started on Instagram

As a business owner, using Instagram might be the last thing on your mind. As a matter of fact, you may feel that Instagram is only for entertainment purposes. However, many businesses have started using Instagram. And if you want to expand your reach and increase revenue, using Instagram might bolster your sales. Here’s how to get started.

1. Sign Up for Instagram Through Facebook

You can sign up for Instagram by downloading the app to your mobile device or visiting the website. But if you have a business page on Facebook, you can access Instagram using your Facebook log in credentials. This is not only an excellent way to brand your site, but the information you post on Facebook can appear on your Instagram page and vice versa. If your Facebook followers see that you have an account on Instagram, they may follow you on this site.

2. Use a Variety of Images

When you think of Instagram, you may only think of posting photos. But there are other items you can post on your Instagram account related to your business. This can include short videos demonstrating how to use a new product, testimonials from clients, teasers about upcoming projects, and other items to spark interest and increase awareness about your company.

3. Post at the Right Time of the Day

If you want your Instagram photos and images to receive a larger response, it’s important that you choose the right time of day to update your account. Because people typically work during the day, you may discover that posting new images during the middle of the day may not produce the same responses as posting in the evenings or on the weekends. There are no hard or fast rules regarding the best times to post, so you’ll need to post at different times, monitor the results, and then determine the best times depending on your business and followers.

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags aren’t just fun symbols to put at the end of an Instagram post. These symbols help users find posts or photos on particular topics. And if you’re using Instagram for business purposes, you also need to use relevant hashtags after posting a new image. If people can find your photos easily, this may result in additional comments, likes and shares. In a nutshell, you want people to find and share your images. Thus, others can become aware of your products, services or promotions -- which can result in higher profits.

5. Run Photo Contests and Encourage Posts

Community engagement is important in social media. If you post something on Instagram, ask a question in the comment section to encourage open dialogue. Comments and interesting photos are shareable. You can also build awareness and stimulate action by asking readers to post a picture related to your company, and then asking them to use the same hashtag. This way, all posted images can be found together online. This is an effective way to get feedback and engage your community, and increase your number of followers.

Bottom Line

If you take photos for business purposes, don’t keep these hidden on your site or blog. Open an Instagram account and expand your reach. The more you use social media, the easier it’ll be for customers -- and potential customers -- to find you online. 

Image Credit: Flickr


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