How to Get Started With We Heart It

There is a lot on inspiration today; inspirational quotes, images and photos are all around social media including FacebookTumblr, PinterestInstagramGoogle+. Yet, in case you didn’t know, the No. 1 online social platform that helps you get inspired is We Heart It!

Founded in 2008 by a Brazilian Fabio Giolito, We Heart it already has 25 million users around the world. As a startup company launched in San Francisco it consists of 18 people and is currently expanding rapidly. Check this video by Techcrunch where We Heart It president Dave Williams presents We Heart It’s new IOS App and explains how you can use it.

So what’s We Heart It all about?

  •  It is an image-based online platform that allows users to collect or “heart” their favourite images to share with friends and organise into albums.  
  •  It combines Pinterest and Tumblr.
  •  It has a user friendly platform and a beautiful design.
  •  It supports animated GIFs and video.
  •  It is accessible on iOS and Android mobile apps.

Pinterest VS We Heart It

  •  We Heart has more inspirational and emotionally based content.
  •  It is a community where members can express themselves rather their interests.
  •  It uses hearts instead of repins and likes.

User Demographics

  •  Younger demographics than Pinterest around 15-24 years.
  •  80% of We Heart it users base are under the age of 24.
  •  80% of We Heart It users are female.

How to use We Heart it for your business

  •  Users can create their own profile page.
  •  Users can use follow icons, live widgets and share buttons on their website or blog.
  •  Other people can “heart” their pictures and follow them.
  •  As a positive community there are no commenting or messaging features, fact that allows users to be more comfortable with posting their content.  
  •  Promotes personal branding: It is ideal for freelancers such as artists, designers and bloggers.

Getting Started With We Heart It

  •  Follow the link and join We Heart It.
  •  Choose how you want to join We Heart It either by using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email.
  •  Heart 4 images to get started.
  •  Write your bio and complete your profile.
  •  Follow other people and get inspired!

We Heart It is all about exploring and promoting your personal identity while “hearting” beautifully edited images on their profile. Feel free to click on the video to get more familiar with what We Heart It is and how it works!