How to Get the Best Out of Your Employees

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A successful employer understands the most effective ways to help employees do their best work and find their potential in the workplace. There are specific steps that an employer can take to make this goal more achievable. This article will discuss several ways how an employer can get the best out of his employees.

Action Steps Employers Can Take 

1. Acknowledge Different Personalities

The first step is to acknowledge that each employee is different. We all have varying personalities that affect—both positively and negatively—how we act in our daily lives. When an employer can comprehend this basic fact and then work to understand each employee, the workplace can become a more functional and productive environment. According to Ben Baldwin from Entrepreneur’s Organization located online at EONetwork, even though “it may be easy to paint all employees with the same brush, it is very important to realize that every individual is unique.” They are not a uniform labor force, but rather, unique individuals who need to be treated according to their personalities. There are 16 basic personality traits and they are concisely described on One action step is to first understand your own personality type and then ask your employees to take a personality test. This will help you to better understand how to respond and react to each person.

2. Create Specific Action Plans   

A second factor is that employees need to have clear boundary lines and know exactly what an employer expects from them. Since that is true, a smart employer will establish clear boundary lines delineating what is expected behavior-wise from each employee. More specifically, an employer needs to utilize the managers to create specific action plans for each employee to showcase the job description and how the employee needs to manage daily tasks for more efficient productivity.

3. Use All Available Resources

There are numerous resources available to business owners and entrepreneurs in order to assist in employee development. Employers who seek company-wide success know that it is vital to utilize these resources as a means of cultivating a positive and constructive atmosphere in the workplace. Mr. Baldwin from EO Network advised that employees can be paired up with mentors to help with coaching and professional development. These mentors should be responsible, reliable and individuals with a strong work ethic and long-term experience. is one excellent online resource for helpful information on the following: leadership, team management, problem solving, personal productivity and team working skills.

4. Challenge Your Employees

 It is vital that an employer challenges his employees. Of course, this does not mean exasperating them with tasks that are impossible. It means that an employer must provide a workplace environment that is always striving toward excellence. In turn, the employees will see that such a work ethic is expected from them. The majority of people do not enjoy working in a boring and uninspiring environment. To excel, grow and develop as a professional, an employee needs to be challenged with new experiences and have the opportunity to be creative in finding solutions for issues. Mr. Baldwin shared, “I try to provide a challenging and dynamic work environment that fosters creativity and excitement.”

5. Make the Workplace Fun

 If an employer creates a fun and positive workplace environment, that spirit of excitement will be contagious for even the most disgruntled employee. Schedule fun topics for lunch and promote camaraderie and some fun competition by holding team contests. Honor one employee each month who has the best production, sales, or job performance level. Give this employee a celebration lunch in the office and provide lunch for everyone. Of course, these ideas will cost some extra money. However, a happy workforce means increased production and work performance for the company as a whole.

6. Cultivate Positivity

This final step involves cultivating positivity among the entire workforce. According to Ben Baldwin, a successful employer has learned how to “foster strengths and manage weaknesses.” This employer completely understands the benefits of working with an employee to find ways to cultivate his strengths and become more aware of the negative effects of their weaknesses. Most employees will blossom when they are forging a bond like this with their employer, manager or mentor.

Bringing out the best in your employees can seem like a complicated process. However, if an employer takes the time to create an action plan that will work for his or her specific situation; the journey will be less difficult. The six steps listed in this article will assist in the process as an employer seeks to help the employees grow and develop as professionals.




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