How to Get Through Your Probationary Period

In nearly every job there is nearly always a probationary period. This can either be official or unofficial and usually lasts from between three to six months. During this period your salary is usually lower and your employer has the right to let you go at any time. Surviving this probationary period, in order to keep your job and get that pay increase is paramount, but it can be difficult for new graduates. Hopefully, this guide will make the process a bit easier to impress your boss, which is the ultimate goal of the probationary period.

Be punctual

Being on time for work is critical. If you are going to impress your boss, then one of the key factors is being on time for work. Sluggishly walking in late, or just on time every day while still on your probationary period is not going to impress your boss. If you are trying to impress, you are better off turning up a bit early for work.

Don’t clock out on the dot

It depends on the type of company you are working for, but usually leaving work on the dot at 5pm is frowned upon. It is usually best to put in an extra fifteen minutes or half an hour, especially if you have a bit of work which you could finish of during that time.

Dress appropriately

Again, it depends what kind of company you work for, but turning up to work wearing shorts and a t shirt is usually frowned upon. No matter what company you work for, it is nearly always best to wear shoes, a shirt and pants, or at least smart jeans. But trainers and casual jeans will generally be looked down upon. In many companies, the minimum dress code will be a full suit, so if you don’t have any, you better go shopping.

Be sociable

Make an effort to get to know your co-workers. If you are invited to any social functions outside of work it is best to go to them especially during the probationary period. It is a good way of really getting to know your co-workers and perhaps even your boss in a less formal situation. Even going to lunch with them is a good idea. But it is always best not to be negative about your previous job or your current one. You have to know people before you can talk to them about these kind of things, or very personal issues such as relationship problems.

Go the extra mile

Instead of just doing the minimum amount of work that you are required to do, try to go the extra mile if possible. If your boss can see that you are a capable and dedicated employee, then you are certain to impress and get through your probationary period. Harder workers usually mean more profits for the company, so any boss that can see this is going to be impressed.

Don’t turn to work up hung over

If you turn up to work, extremely hung over then this is not going to impress a boss at all. In fact, they may get the impression that you are not taking your job serious in the least. Bosses will assume that you should keep that kind of activity for the weekend or your days off. This is the kind of behaviour that is likely to get you fired.

Keep your desk tidy

Keeping a tidy work station or desk can also be seen as a sign of professionalism. Of course, this is not universal, but it is better safe than sorry and for the probationary period it is probably best to keep your work station relatively tidy. After all, it is not going to give your boss a bad impression of you.

Cut down the swearing

Most companies have a negative view on swearing. Even if you tend to swear a lot in your private life, it is always best to keep your swearing to a minimum at work. A lot of people take a negative view on swearing and it is unlikely to impress any employer. So just keep it to a minimum.

Impressing your boss during the probationary period is never an easy task, as you are quite often just learning the ropes. However, as long as you follow at least some of the rules above it should help you get through the probationary period and secure that wonderful pay rise which usually accompanies it.