Get to Know 23andME and the $99 DNA Revolution

There are many things you can do for your child with $99. You can buy a pair of basketball shoes or a dollhouse with some accessories. You could also buy enough pizzas to feed all of her friends on the block! What you might not have thought, is that with $99 you could take a genetic test and get results that can tell you how to live smarter, better and longer. It can also tell you what might kill you or the ones you love, helping you inaugurate a healthier life.

This is the concept governing 23andMe, Anne Wojcicki’s groundbreaking venture which was iniatiated in 2006. With this venture, she aspires to revolutionize the health care industry. At the moment, the company gets most of its revenue from the $99 that people pay for test-tube kits and the results yielded by the genetic tests. But the secret of future growth lies in the aggregation of mass scale genetic data which will be distributed to pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, even governments.

In this video, Wojcicki talks about the social benefits of genetic data and her promising venture 23andMe.