Get to Know Your Type: What's the Champion Personality Type Like?

After having explained what the Teacher and Mastermind personality types involve, here comes the Champion! According to the Myers-Briggs theory, the champion personality type is referred to as ENFP, which stands for Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving. People with this personality type are more likely to be energised by spending their time around other human beings than being alone, and they choose to analyse the world using different ideas and interpretations instead of actual facts.

For this reason, the personality type is common amongst artistic and creative people. Champions are seen as inventive, imaginative and original and are enthusiastic about new ideas! Their hobbies may include writing, playing or listening to music or even reading fiction!

If you want to figure out whether you are a champion or an ENFP, check out the video above by Truity and learn if you are amongst the 8% of the general population who make up this relatively common personality type.

Key Characteristics of the Champion Personality Type:

  • Enthusiastic and original.
  • Curious about the world.
  • Friendly and outgoing.
  • Energetic.

Typical Career Categories for ENFPs:

  • Teaching
  • Counseling
  • Human Resource
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Arts

Don’t forget to check out the video above to see if your personality type shares any similarities with the Champion personality type as proposed by Myers-Briggs!