How to Get Work at Home Privacy

The last thing you need when you’re working is somebody badgering you about chores, telling you about their date last night, or recounting what happened on last night’s episode of Modern Family, even if you do happen to like Modern Family. But this is unfortunately a sad reality of working from home. So here’s how to make sure you won’t be disturbed any longer!

1 Find your space

If you find your usual work space constantly being infested by your roomies or partner, then it’s time to set up an office or at least a space you can call your very own. If you usually work in the kitchen for example then your cohabiter is well within his or her rights to make a cuppa every once in a while. And this is exactly why you need to find your own separate workspace.

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room then yay for you because it can be turned into an office! Alternatively you could partition off some space in your bedroom. Or you could even be a little more creative and turn a shed or that particularly large cupboard under the stairs into an office – at the risk of feeling a bit like Harry Potter. Here are some nicely transformed nooks and crannies to inspire you.

2 Be assertive

Some narrow-minded people still don’t see working from home as a real job. They don’t know they’re silly but we know they’re silly and it’s probably not the best idea to tell them that they’re being silly. But nevertheless you have to say something. Reinforce the idea that this is how you’re bringing home the bacon now. Tell them that you’ve got some important work to do over the next few hours and you’ll chat to them later.

Maybe consider putting up a don’t disturb sign when you’re very busy. Or even telling everyone your ‘office hours’ so they know when not to disturb you.

3 Turn off your phone and other devices

…as long as you don’t need them to work of course. A distraction is a distraction. Your phone means that you can’t get work at home privacy even when you live alone. So do yourself a favour and switch it off.

 4 Change up your working hours

One of the nice things about working from home is getting to be your own boss! This means you can decide when you work. So if you really can’t get work at home privacy then work when everyone else is out. Hopefully, your roomies or beloved work a 9-5 so you can have regular hours. And if you’re something of a night owl then you could even work while they sleep!

The key here is getting the people who you live with to respect your work and your working space. Don’t let them think you have an easy ride just because you go to work in your pjs and watch episodes of Breaking Bad in between tasks! 


Image: Quinn Dombrowski




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