How to Get Work Done While Sick

sick at work

There are those days you feel so sickly you can’t gather the energy to go to work. All you want to do is tuck yourself in bed all day, sleeping or watching Dr. Phil and Oprah. You could be suffering from a headache, stomachache or common cold. However, back at work you have tasks that could pile up fast if left unattended or your boss doesn’t tolerate absenteeism, unless you are on an operating table!

It can be tiring to work while sick, but sometimes you have no choice. Here is a complete guide on how to get along.

Prioritise Tasks

As much as you have to work, you possibly won’t be able to complete the day’s tasks. As such, you need to prioritise the tasks ahead of you. This will put you in a better position to complete tasks that need urgent attention first. In spite of this, you need to strike a balance between completing urgent tasks and avoiding the complex ones. If the task on top of your to-do list is very complex, you can ask a co-worker to do it for you. Your aim here is to avoid worsening your condition by doing energy-draining tasks.

Avoid Workplace Buddies

Undoubtedly, workplace buddies make work life easier for us. When you are feeling unwell though, it is best to avoid them. They might help keep you in the right mood with their funny jokes, but at the expense of getting urgent tasks done. Have a quiet day working away from a noisy environment.

Shift Your Focus

At times, you need to shift your focus away from work. Maybe, you need to read something interesting. Remember that book you kept away in the lower drawer of your work desk? Well, it’s time to dust it off and get reading. This allows you to feel more comfortable and at ease, which might just be the kick you need to get on your feet.

Work from Home

If you have been longing to work from home, now is the perfect time to grab the opportunity. All you need to do is call the office and secure the permission to complete some tasks from the comfort of your bed or couch. You can begin by responding to urgent emails or clearing those that you no longer need in your inbox. Be careful not to delete important e-mails. Remember to maintain your healthy office habits, such as drinking lots of water and taking frequent breaks.

Let It Be

Prevention is better than cure. You know this very well. If your condition is worsening, you definitely need to get some time off work and allow your body to recuperate. You can sit back and contemplate on ideas and other issues you have been keeping on hold. Address them and get a different perspective of things. You just might be surprised to learn you had a million- dollar plan right in front of you!

Finally, keep in mind that your health matters. Visit a doctor and get medicine that works for you. In no time, you will be back in shape, ready to hit full productivity.

Get well soon.