How to Get Your Business Started on Fancy

Have you ever heard of Fancy? Fancy is an e-commerce website that features products through a social photo sharing web store created by Joseph Enhorn. Launched in 2009, the website allows users to browse their favourite products with picture feeds and shares from other Fancy users. The online store was designed this way to facilitate interaction between the consumer and retailer, so people can purchase products directly from the website.

While Fancy was originally an invitation only social network, it has now become available for the public and can be accessed via Google glass, smartphone, computer, tablet or smart TV! So, if you want to know how to promote your business, expand your network and sell your products online then Fancy is for you.

Now, let’s have a look at how Fancy is used and what can offer to your business:

Fancy Demographics

Over the last three years Fancy has managed to become even more popular and currently has 2 million users! While Fancy headquarters are in New York, United States, its user database shows that people from all around the world are currently using the social platform. US visitors make up for 47% and international visitors from France, China and India represent the 53% of the website’s visits! Also, the main age group of Fancy consists of 24-35 year olds.   

Fancy for Your Business

With Fancy for Merchants you now have the opportunity to sell your products online with the help of a complete set of e-commerce tools. The way Fancy works for merchants is quite interesting. While there is no advertising on Fancy, merchants can sell their products on the site via biding to sell the items that are “fancy’d” by users. In this case when a user fancies a product it means they “like” the product and the product image is then added on the users’ profile lists. Then the seller sets a price according to the product demand, or the number of fancies of each item. When Fancy approves it, consumers are allowed to make their online transaction. 

Fancy helps your business get discovered and promotes your products. The way it is designed it makes it simple for every businessman to get their business started on Fancy:

  1.      First, create your shop page and apply to sell on fancy.
  2.      Upload your products and start selling.
  3.      Choose your payment methods including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Google Wallet and Bitcoin.
  4.      Finally, set up your shipping options to get access to all major shipping carriers.

After completing the basics perhaps you could check some Fancy features that are available for your business:

  • Dashboard: this feature allows you to check shop stats. You can track and analyse your product sales, orders and payments as well as get reports from the Map to see where your products are being sold. Also, it allows you to check from where your site visitors originated from e.g. Google, Tumblr, Facebook etc.  
  • Storefront Themes: choose a theme template that relates to your business from the Fancy theme gallery.
  • Customised Themes: you have the option to customise your storefront’s design adjusting images, colours or any other element in order to suit your business.
  • Fancy Warehouse and Logistics: you can store your inventory of products in one of Fancy’s warehouses for free and have your orders picked, packed and shipped where you want them to.

As you can see Fancy offers a range of possibilities in regards to developing your business. Users can even be directed to your business blog or official website to learn more about what you offer and browse even more of your products! So, why not join Fancy when you can manage everything in one place and sell your products anywhere you want? If you are interested create your Fancy account here.

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