How to Get Your Career in Shape for 2016

2016 may be the year of your success so learn how to start on your path towards professional achievements right now. Do you think you have what it takes?

As the world advances, our careers become more than simply a means to an ends. We spend such a huge chunk of our lives working that our careers can bring about personal as well as professional fulfilment and also shape our worldview.

If you want to make the most of your career in 2016 the first thing you need to understand is that you own your life and your career and that you are their sole master. The guide below will help put you in the right mindset for reshaping your career so make sure that you go through it carefully.

1. Take Ownership of Your Career

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A mistake many of us make is that we fail to take ownership of our career. We get stuck with bosses that think they can manage our careers and we allow them to take that responsibility even if our goals do not align with theirs. We allow ourselves to be at their mercy and we think that from the moment they become our bosses they also become our career managers, but the reality is that if you want to see yourself advance – whatever advancement may mean for you – you need to take ownership of your career. You need to decide to take responsibility for every career move you make and you need to understand that ultimately career decisions lie with you.

Don’t allow your boss to decide if you should be up for a promotion or not because they may have their own agenda. If you think that you should be up for promotion then you need to be considered as a candidate for that promotion. If you feel that your career is stuck then don’t expect your boss to help you get unstuck; help yourself.

2. Design Your Life to Your Specifications

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We all tend to fall into the same patterns when it comes to leading our lives as if there’s only one way to live a life and if you fail to conform to that pattern then you’re a loser. The reality, however, is that our lives should be designed to fit our specifications and if your life is not what you would have expected it to be then you need to put things into perspective and decide what you can do to change that.

If for example, you are in a career you dislike then consider what got you there and if there’s anything you can do to change your circumstances. We should always be passionate about our career because we all spend so much of our time at work. It only makes sense that we should strive to be happy in our lives.

3. Be Enthusiastic About Everything

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Finally, the ultimate step you should take in order to get your career in shape for 2016 is to understand that you need to be enthusiastic about everything. You can’t be expected to perform well if you are not enthusiastic about your next project at work, or if you’re not enthusiastic about your next career move. Understand that enthusiasm drives everything so make sure that you are enthusiastic about your career and this will help you find your path.

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Getting your career in shape is not difficult. You just need to make the decision and put the effort in.

Have you used any of the methods mentioned above? Were they effective? Your thoughts and comments below please...