How to Get Your Home Ready For a Family Day Care Inspection

Preparing adequately for a family day care inspection could determine whether your business gets the license to operate or not. Expect visits from your local fire marshal as well as the child care licensing department both of who will determine whether your residential premises is conducive for a day care business after looking around keenly. Disappointment could be your end product in the event you do not put things in order before the inspector arrives to execute his mission. If everything seems cluttered and out of place, he is sure to reject your application for licensing.

Ensure fire safety

Fire safety measures should be formulated to convince the fire marshal that your day care has elaborate plans for the safe evacuation of occupants in the event of a fire incident. They include installing functional fire extinguishers, developing clear escape routes from the house as well as smoke. The fire marshal will also need to see that all the occupants of the day care – including children – know what to do to secure their safety in case a fire breaks out. Frequent fire drills with the children will be adequate preparation in this regard.

Remove harmful objects

The inspection tries to establish whether children can access some of the dangerous objects lying around in the home. Remove such objects, such as sharp items, plastic bags and poisonous bags and store them away where children can never access them. For instance, sharp objects including knives and forks should be preferably stored in cupboards whereas poisonous chemicals, such as, perfumes, medicines or cologne belong to the medicine cabinet. Sturdy gates should be installed on the stairways as well as in restricted rooms where children should not access.

Arrange the cribs

Inspect your cribs beforehand to ensure they meet the set regulations; your local child care licensing inspector usually provides information on this. Do not put a lot of items in the cribs except for a baby blanket as well as a fitting crib sheet. Avoid bumpers or other materials that might put the life of children at risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Other equipment you need to prepare for a family day care inspection includes mats for sleeping on as well as playpens and cots.

Prepare your certifications

Having a safe day care premises will only part-convince your inspector that you are good to go with your business. Showing him your certifications – including first aid and CPR certification – will be the final hurdle to climb before you are allowed to proceed with the day care. Before the inspection starts, prepare these documents as they will be evidence of the number of child care courses completed hence a testament of your abilities as a day care provider. Background checks may also be conducted on you for any previous incidences of child abuse or careless driving.

Depending on where you operate your business, you will undergo various kinds of inspection at different times of the year. Try to paint your home as a fun and safe place for children to spend their time and develop mentally, physically as well as intellectually. Add some fun equipment, such as, toys, colorful books and outdoor play facilities.

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