How to Get Your Professional Voice Heard Above The Crowd

All of a sudden, the business market appears to have flung its doors wide open for the world to see and with it, has experienced a professional flood unseen before in history. With the flood, however, comes over-saturation and with such a large number of new businesses and professionals vying to get their voices heard, it can often be hard to stand out from the crowd. We are told, in business, that in order to succeed you need to be prepared to do anything, but is that really the case? Treating your profession as a cutthroat industry is all well and good, but when you’re attempting to make lasting bonds, sometimes it pays to think about things a little differently.

Unless you are an extrovert, it can be a struggle to get your idea heard above the professional noise. If you’re not a screamer, however, there is another way and by taking your time and planning your approach, it is possible to enjoy much more fruitful success down the line. If you’re at the start of a project and are looking to make a splash, search no further. These tips will help you to develop your professional voice and make lasting connections; what’s better than that?

1. Take Time to Network

In the technological daze in which we live, face to face contact can be hard to come across. Increasingly, people carry out their meetings over the internet and boast about their remote working capabilities. But if you really want to make a lasting impression, it sometimes pays to go straight to the horse’s mouth. Face to face networking might seem like an antiquated way in which to make business ties, but there’s a good reason that it’s such a solid part of the professional world.

Capturing someone’s attention by a well thought through question or business opener is a much more effective way of making a connection than merely connecting with someone on LinkedIn. Taking the time to research a company’s history, memorising a few of its past projects and conjuring up an intelligent talking point or two will leave a much more lasting impression than liking a few of the company’s posts online, or sending them a digital resume. We are much more likely to remember and bond with the people whom we meet in real life, so suit up, stay alert, and show the world your most charming self.

2. Make Business Over Coffee

Of course, networking events are a great way for making initial contacts, but if you really want to make a splash in business, it pays to hone your attention a little more. Most of us have a person or a handful of people to whom we look up and aspire to be like. Taking the plunge and inviting your professional hero for a one to one coffee meeting just might be the way into your industry for which you’ve been searching. Plucking up the courage to contact them out of the blue might take gall, but if you’re successful, it can be an incredibly lucrative way into the working world.

More often than not, our heroes in business are more than willing to invest in starters in the industry and, so long as they have the time, will welcome meetings which could expand their professional circle, whilst benefitting a newbie. Business is a network, and the more people to whom you’re connected, the better. Don’t consider yourself as a useless part. Even if you’re a rookie, you will have something to offer, and the most hands on and successful people in business are always looking to the next generation. Once your business hero can put a face to the name, they are much more likely to both take you seriously and introduce you to other people within their inner circle.

3. Invest In One To One Meetings

Business meetings don’t have to just be a way to meet your hero, however, and even the smallest of get togethers can spell great things for your future. In order to be heard in business, you must take the time to get to know people on an individual basis. Think of group networking sessions as a way through the first circle and more intimate meetings as a way in which to probe it further, and perhaps gain access to the business door. At the same time, one to one meetings are a great place in which to share news, and can prove much more fruitful than spreading updates and developments through online forums.

Saving important updates for face to face meetings is also a great way in which to make a first impression. If you don’t share everything through social media, or digital platforms, new people that you meet are much more likely to be impressed by your successes. When we see information online, we are likely to pay less attention than we would in real life. Telling someone about important professional information face to face will not only make a much more lasting impression but also, is much more likely to encourage them to probe for further information. One to one meetings lead to deeper conversations that, in turn, could lead to great and powerful business relationships.

4. Listen Intently To The Market

When we’re faced with a roomful of people shouting about their achievements, it can be tempting to join in and attempt to be heard. Making noise in an already noisy place, however, rarely succeeds and if we do this for too long, it is likely that we will become jaded and exhausted. As difficult as it might be, listening before we shout can lead to more lasting business relationships down the line and could just be the difference between success and failure.

Being the individual who reflects and listens to others is much more likely to get you noticed for your own achievements. And while it might be hard to believe, the business world is proof that it is true. When we pay attention to others, we pick up on the small details that other people might overlook. If we have access to these things, we can form much more lasting connections by understanding more thoroughly where they’re coming from. Psychologically speaking, we’re much more likely to form lasting bonds with people who show us empathy and understanding. Listening to others before you speak is a sure fire way in which to create a real relationship and in the process, be able to share your own ideas and achievements with them.

5. Be Proactive, Not Reactive

When things aren’t going our way, our first reaction is normally to complain about it. The high stakes of the business world can take their toll on the best of us and if we’re feeling particularly vulnerable, we tend to find faults in everything around us, rather than doing something about it. Thanks to social media, venting our frustrations relatively anomalously has become increasingly easy and whilst many of us see a lot of problems with the world, very few of us are actually taking it upon ourselves to change them for the better.

If you see an issue that can be solved, do something about it. Taking the time to find a way around a problem - rather than bemoaning it - could be the way into a new business you were searching for, and will teach you a lot about yourself. Proving yourself to others to be a proactive person stands you in good stead for the future and by making your name as a problem solver, you could make an impressive stamp on the professional world at the same time.

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Getting heard above the noise is a very 21st century problem. With any number of innovative ventures out there, hundreds of people are struggling to be noticed in the crowd and rather than changing their approach, they only shout more loudly. If you really want to make an impression, however, it pays to take a step back and observe. Recalibrate your plans and alter your approach. It might take a little longer, but if you take your time and think ahead, you will be shocked at what you can achieve.

Do you use any of the methods mentioned above? Do you find them effective? Your thoughts and comments below please...