Ghost Hunters: Haunted Workplaces

With Halloween finally here, it seems appropriate to write an article that is ‘Ghost-related’, and frankly, it is not hard to do. Within minutes of conducting research on haunted workplaces, I found some interesting and rather scary stories of paranormal activity in locations all over the world.

Many companies have gone on record to report strange paranormal activities taking place in their offices. This is not a Halloween myth but a fact confirmed by Cassiopia Demars, the founder of Premiere Paranormal Research, based in Missouri. According to Cassiopia Demars, many business owners suspect that their building is haunted by ghosts and call on paranormal investigators to examine their ‘haunted’ workplace all the time.

Some of the most widely reported cases involve business owners and their employees experiencing objects that move around when no one else is there, doors opening and closing by themselves, footsteps around them when they are the only one in the office, and voices that speak to them when they are alone. Scary, right?

According to Demars, the group’s investigations have shown two haunting types: residual haunts and intelligent haunts. Residual haunts are merely the impression of someone’s spirit and they will interact with you at all. Intelligent spirits however, emerge when a spirit is ‘present’ at a location. These kinds of haunting are what we usually encounter on TV shows and movies; ghosts will move things around and talk to you because, unlike residual haunts, they are aware of your presence.

Dealing with ghosts is not an easy undertaking. The founder of the group states, “A ghost is not going to cross over until it’s ready. You have to know what the ghost wants and if the ghost is even a human ghost or some sort of a demonic haunting before you can decide how you’re going to cross it over. If it’s a demonic haunting, you’re in trouble because it can do whatever it wants”. 

Famous Hauntings

Disney Land

walt disneyAccording to reports by a Disney Land employee, the apartment over the Fire Station on Main Street (which was Walt Disney’s old apartment) is haunted. The findings came after the employee was in the apartment to dust; she turnout off the lights, and when she left the room the lights turned back on. This happened 3 times in a row, each time she turned them off and left, the lights turned back on (no-one else was in the room I might add!) On the final time, the employee entered the room to turn the lights off, she heard a voice say “Don’t forget, I am still here.”

Ever since, employees leave the light on for Walt Disney in his apartment as a tribute and sign of respect to him.

Image source: Wikipedia



Manhattan Bistro, New York

manbistroOn a more eerie note, this French restaurant is haunted by an ex-employee – Juliana Elmore - who was killed back in 1799 when she was thrown into a well in the basement of the building. Today, employees report that her spirit manifests as vapor rising from the kitchen floor! Diners and employees have also reported strange goings on including flying ashtrays and smashed plates.

Image source: Healey McFabulous, flickr



Stanley hotel, Colorado

stanley hotelThis haunted hotel was the setting for famous horror movie The Shining. In fact, room 217, where Stephen King stayed, is one of the most haunted sites in the hotel. According to reports, room 217 was where housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson almost died in a gas leak explosion in 1911. Ever since, her actual death in the 1950’s strange, ‘paranormal’ activity takes place in that room. From doors opening and closing, and lights switching on and off by themselves, this room is not for the faint hearted.

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Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Eastern State Penitentiary is reportedly one of the most haunted places on earth. Built to hold 250 inmates in solitary confinement, it is widely known that the prison held as many as 1,700 in cramped cells. High levels of emotional stress and death of inmates is said to be the reason for the prison’s haunting.  One inmate –the infamous Al Capone – was allegedly plagued by the ghost of James Clark. James Clark was murdered in the St. Valentine’s Day massacre by Al Capone himself.

Employees of the prison also reported the ghostly sightings of a figure that stands in the guard tower, mysterious, ghostly faces in cellblock 4, and evil cackling from cellblock 12.

Image source: Wikipedia


Haunted businesses – Can they be a profitable business venture?

Interestingly, there are business owners who use their haunting as a profit-making opportunity, because they get publicity and can even turn their business into a profitable ghost hunting attraction. Usually these owners come up with creative ideas to make their business haunted or freak people out, but in cases where they genuinely believe that ghosts do exist, they can generate a significant amount of income from tours.

Overall, it seems that people working in haunted workplaces have to add paranormal activities to their long list of daily stresses and workplace burdens! I guess having to deal with a micromanaging boss seems far less worrying when you consider other employees are surrounded by ‘spirits’. However, for workplaces that do experience odd goings on, the Premiere Paranormal Research team is just one ghost hunting team that caters for those workplaces affected by ghosts and spirits. If you are intrigued by what ghost hunters do, visit their YouTube channel to find out more about their investigations at various workplaces.